Doritos Dinamita Training Nov 10

Hello fellow Doritos! Today we just had an amazing DCP Dinamite event were we maxed 48, with already a few numbers on the server almost an hour before we were supposed to start. That’s quite the exitement!

Image of our sizes with !sizeroom DCPD and those who didnt have the DCPD uniform, !sizeroom DCP

Zire had a strong and fast start with tactics, and leaders were fascinated to see all of our troops get used to his speed so quickly and achieve great tactics, formations and bombs :0 . Rah continued to do the next room’s tactics and again, we saw great speed from all of our members (with many being only a few days old in the server!). We are very proud of this outcome!!!
We thank all of our many new troops that attended and hope to see more in the future! We’re back stronger than ever! Until next time 😄



Doritos of CP Third in Command


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