Remembrance of the Doritos

Hello Doritos,

As we come to our shutdown, we want to take the opportunity to look at the amazing ride we’ve been on for the past 10 months. The countless memories, laughs, and tear of joy are unmatched. You guys are the vital reason that this experience was extremely memorable.

We couldn’t end the legacy without hearing some words from a few of our amazing members here. They are the reason this army strived this generation. Without them, we would be nothing. Our main priority was for us to enable you to make friends and connect with them through here.


Possum [DCP Legend and Main Leader] – Oh god where do I start? DCP has literally changed my life so much. I basically grew up in this army. From 11 years old until 17, DCP was my second family. It was somewhere I could turn when I was struggling. Something I could work towards and improve. Somewhere that I could love, and learn, and teach, and do everything that I couldn’t do in the real world. It is not exaggeration to say that DCP has saved my life on numerous occasions, and the friends I’ve made here and the lessons I learned are ones that I want to carry with me for the rest of my life. It may be a cliché, but we truly are more than just an army, we’re a family. OTF!

Moospie [DCP Legend and 3ic] – I have no idea where to begin with my message but I will start it off like this, DCP is family. I grew up in DCP from the time I was 12 (2012) til now being 20 (2020). DCP was my 2nd family to make more friends on social media while I was of course making friends during my middle and high school years. DCP was also a distraction for me when lots of hardships were occurring during my life. For example, in 2016 a year before regular CP shut down, my mom was diagnosed with t cell non hodgkin lymphoma cancer and it was 1 of the hardest things in my life to deal with but I still was in DCP and was not gonna go anywhere during that time frame when my mom was getting chemotherapy and radiation. Now she is in remission and is doing well. Though, DCP also went through hardships as well with lots of controversy stuff going on after we returned to CPPS, we still were able to get through all of that and still remain a army. DCP will forever go down in history. We are one. We are family. Bang Bang Doritos Gang. Fam Forever.

Rach [DCP 3ic] – Where do I start? I joined back in March when all this lockdown stuff became bigger. I was chilling on CPO when I saw someone recruiting for DCP and I thought why the hell not join it. Little did I know, joining this army would change my life forever. From being a shy little member to becoming 3ic, DCP has pushed me to be a better person. I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing ass people in the 7 months I’ve been here. When I joined, I felt so welcomed and everyone was so nice. We’ve been through a lot, all the highs and lows, the ups and downs and everything in between. We never gave up when times got hard and we stuck with each other as a family. T’all have been the coolest people ever and I’m glad I got to meet you all. To the leaders, thank you for pushing me to be the best I could ever be, you guys were always there when I needed it. To the HCOM, y’all we’ve worked our asses off to get here and I’m so proud of all of you. We’re the best HCOM team ever and I’m glad I got to work with you all. To the moderators, y’all I swear are the coolest mods ever. Y’all got picked to be staff because you earned it. Y’all will do amazing in your new armies. To my mentees, I love you all and I’m so proud of all of you. To the advisors, y’all are amazing ass people and I love you all. Anyway this is long!

Leila [DCP LiT] – Around May 25th, I joined the DCP server. I had chatted a few times and I specifically muted the entire server and put it low on my list. I’m not sure if I had talked to anyone much before actually joining except Meer really. (Besides me accidently ignoring 32 in my DMs, sorry) I eventually got to talking to the leaders and they offered me 3ic if I were to join DCP. I accepted it as I had issues with my past army. Anyways, I just wanna thank Meer for being the first person in DCP I made a connection with and bringing up my name to the other leaders. I have learned so much from being here in DCP. I have seen sides to DCP not many outsiders get to see, and I will forever cherish those memories with me. I have met so many interesting folks here, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. To the leaders, thank you for giving this random small army leader a chance at something like this. Y’all have shaped me into more of a leader than I could’ve imagined. To my fellow staff, thank you guys for allowing me to be a role model to you. It truly makes my day getting DMs & such saying I make an impact on you. Don’t let people bring you down, you know what DCP truly is. We are a family. I love everything about DCP and wouldn’t change it for the world. Our crazy times in VC, or making fun of horny Rah. I love how we always joke around with each other, especially for all our spelling mistakes. It has been such a wild ride in my around 4 months of being here, and I’m forever grateful. Always, fear the damn shield.

Todorokook [DCP Major General] – If it hadn’t been for Aisha, I don’t know what I would do without you guys! DCP has impacted by opening up my inner self by coming out of my shyness and talking to everyone that was on. What I love about DCP is that the main leaders were nice enough to accept me into the Doritos family and have allowed me to become staff for a short amount of time in which took like 4 months, in which I wasn’t expecting for you guys to accept me as part of the staff team. I have made good memories with you guys and wish I was with you guys for much longer. Candy and Rach, you guys are always there for me when I need someone to talk to and helped me out. To the leaders, thank you for being the best leaders that I could count on and thank you guys for allowing me to become staff to help lead events and help keep an eye on chat when you guys aren’t online. Okay, I think I have said enough. I will freaking miss and love you guys forever even tho we will be in different armies. Good luck to everyone in their lives in the future and in their new armies homes as well!! Doritos Family Forever, Friends together, family forever!!

Chanmandler987 [DCP Head General] – DCP has been the most amazing place for me, since the second I joined in February. I was just feeling like having some nostalgia that day so I decided to load it up, and was recruited by a sweet person named Aloy26. I was at a sad point in my life before I joined, and I instantly started feeling happy again. From the first second that I joined and everyone welcomed me, to the first time I got Nitro, or when I became staff in May, or even when I got TOTW, I don’t think it could have been any better. The amount of friends I have made from this server has been unbelievable. I have even found someone that I love. Every single one of them are so kind and supportive to this army. The first time that I was able to suggest tactics, and to see that people were listening to me, it put me at a loss for words. The memories made will be cherished forever and will last a lifetime. I don’t know where I would be without this server, and I feel that I have found more than just an army, I found the most wholesome community, as well as a very large family that is there for you and cares about you through the good times and bad. Thanks for the opportunity that DCP has given me. Family Forever.

BlairBear [DCP 4ic] – Holy cow, almost a year ago I joined this discord, thinking nothing of it. I was a freshman in college, bored of homework and decided to go on Club Penguin for the first time in years just to see what it was like. Just like that, I was recruited. It didn’t take long for me to become staff here, and I have grown to love and cherish every single one of you. The late night zoom calls, being a founder of DCPAD, watching my close friends climb up the ranks to leaders, the weddings, the parties, the list goes on and on. This group of people has given me so much joy and such amazing memories that I will cherish forever. You guys have impacted me so much. I love everyone so dearly it hurts my heart to see it end, but no matter what happens, or where we go, we always be a family. I will always think of each one of you as my brothers, sisters, and friends. I love you guys. Thank you to everyone who has ever believed in me, accepted me, and trusted me as a staff member. I love you guys. Family forever and ever.

32op [DCP Legend and Main Leader] – you guys r making me cry

Caesar [DCP 2ic] – DCP was a shelter to me after the things that went down with IW in early March. Ever since the day I joined, I made friends in the server left to right, and I got to know this community far better than I had in mind. In my first days I took very seriously the idea of “war” against other armies, believing things like having peace with IW since some of my friends still remained there (Da Best was the most lively with that idea and I even made the emote that would be kept a meme). From the first days of March till June & July, I had the most fun being around this amazing friends and having the biggest war that DCP ever had, making us max to even 130+ in the CPO server, which now is a crazy amount. To be honest with you all, I sometimes regret my change and thought about IW from the side of wanting to be part of the family Erick and Shinde are part of, both who were with me ever since my first day actively in armies. I can say now that I don’t regret my decisions, because I met the biggest army leader 32op greatest alt master and e-boy Meerkat. You’re all precious to me and one of the big reasons I enjoyed my stay, thanks so much.

AfricanCupcake [DCP Head General] – DCP is basically my second family. I’ve never made more friends before and I’m always the shy one! I’ve learned to impact myself in everyday things here. Whenever I had diffcult times, I came here. It’s a shame I wasn’t HCOM yet, but I was so close to 4ic so that’s a big thing for me. I haven’t worked so hard in my life! Since March 23, 2020, my life changed for the better. I always wanted to be loved like this. I don’t regret joining. It was a lifetime memory and achievement. So, I’ll never let it go. Yall are my brothers and sisters to me. Maybe better than my irl BFF. And we go way back. The amount of people I have learned to enjoy here is unbelievable. I’ve learned to control my emotions. It’s not only a community but a family. My family.

Erikaaa [DCP 3ic] – Oh lord, where do I start? Before I found DCP, I thought I didn’t belong anywhere. However, this sweet idiot called Zire recruited me. The thing is, I didn’t knew my life would change in so many ways. The first event I attended was just awesome (even though I got locked out in all rooms LMFAO) I knew I was supposed to be in DCP for something. Since then, I call these peeps family. I remember when I was scared of talking and I DMed Leila, who in the time was drunk on VC and was almost reading my message there. She was like my first friend in DCP and I love her so much for making me laugh and feel comfortable here. Thanks, DCP, for making me happy again.

Satchmo [DCP 3ic] – I joined DCP on March 7th. When I first started off, I was a complete asshole. However, over time I began to love DCP for what it truly was, a second family. I’ve loved everyone here since day one. My story is different than everyone else though. Most people have been in DCP since they started off in armies or have stayed with DCP since they came here. I wasn’t always there for DCP. When DCP first went through that incident in April, I left and went to revive GT with a few of my friends. During the time I had with GT, I said and did a lot of bad shit to DCP and some of its leaders, specifically 32op. I suffered the consequences for my actions. I never thought I would ever come back to DCP after the shit I said but look at me now. I love everyone in DCP. Y’all are all amazing and I’m going to miss y’all.

Intrinsic [DCP LiT] – I love DCP with all my heart and soul.

Spaceinmyhead [DCP Lieutenant General] – This has been a great experience. Thank you DCP for giving me new experiences and introducing me to so many new people.

Pydro [DCP Lieutenant General] – Wow this is tough. So, I’ve only been in DCP for like 2 months and these months have been so much fun man. See, when I first joined, I planned on leaving the next day because I was so shy and I was not having fun. I’m so happy that I stayed because I’ve grown into a better person and I had some help too. I’m gonna miss you guys.

Candy [DCP 2ic] – Where to even start. So, back in April, I was a shy, awkward, depressed person who couldn’t talk to anyone. I found out versions of Club Penguin still existed and knew that I had to see it, for some sense of nostalgia, I guess. I was getting so annoyed by these orange penguins talking about their army and telling everyone to join. But as I always am, I got curious and joined the Discord server. It was terrifying. I think we all know that we seem like a cult sometimes, but everyone was so welcoming and although I didn’t talk much at first, I knew that I had found the place where I belonged. One of my first memories in the server was being told that one of our saying was family forever. And ever since then, although it took some time I got more confident and spoke more. I met some great people, made some amazing memories and had the best summer of my life. I’ll never forget this place and the people. I love every person here, and while I love you all in different ways, it doesn’t change that fact that I love you. I’d love to mention everyone here but I won’t have enough space to do that, so just know you are loved.

Shirak604 [DCP 3ic] – I don’t even know where to start but let’s try this. DCP is my family, it’s the place where I could come to, and everyone would make me feel better. I wouldn’t know what or where I would be now if it weren’t for those stupid penguins that wouldn’t stop recruiting in CPO town and telling people to join the Doritos army. This army has helped me so much and it will forever be my family. I’ve met so many great people in my time here. To all the leaders, those I talked to and those I didn’t thank you for keeping this army alive for this long and making it the best of the best. This has been the best time of my life and thank you for everyone who is part of this amazing family. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Wassim23 [DCP Main Leader] – I joined DCP on December 27th, 2019, not knowing that this place is going to change my life. I never imagined that I would get to meet so many people and have so much fun. The Christmas Chaos 2019 Finals was my first event and I was clueless about what to do. I started chatting and getting to know some people. I would be on Discord all day just to talk to people, I started to recruit daily for hours. I met so many new friends that changed my life. This place became my second family. Whenever I was sad, bored, or just wanted to complain about my crush I would get on Discord. Every day is an adventure here. I ranked up the ranks fast and stopped at the Leader in Training rank for a long time. Finally, I became a leader but things went down. I made the decision to retire to calm the drama. When I heard DCP was shutting down, I had to come back. One thing for sure is, I had so much fun recruiting with people, leading events, hyping in general, and laugh behind the scenes with the leaders. I appreciate everyone in this place and love you all. You guys changed my life for the good side. I will miss you all and I will never forget you. Thank you for everything.

Danny [DCP LiT] – Alright, you guys will see the good side of me. I joined DCP on December 1st of 2019. After RF shut down due to their leader being exposed, I made my way over to the Doritos. I was immediately welcomed by 32 and Meer, which made me think I knew this place was going to be great. I would never know that this place would make me so happy each day. I would never imagine such a big family, that lights up my heart everyday. My first event was the invasion of Thermal, which is where RF shut down. I am thankful for being in here. I also participated in the Christmas Chaos events. DCP was so massive and we destroyed every army in the tournament. I was proud to be in this army, that gave you lots of fun in these events. I was actually clueless and what you had to do in events but, I slowly learned by going to them now. After December 18th, I took a 1 month break and went to the airport to go to my country. When I came back on January 20th, DCP was so huge. DCP had about probably 4k members that time. I was shocked on how big DCP was and that’s when I met Rah, horny person. I’ll always remember our memories even through ups and downs, when we tied with DW in Christmas Chaos, we got #2 from TT after dropping to S/M armies, getting defaced twice and getting 1k members back super fast, etc. I would recruit for hours everyday, just for DCP and I won’t regret doing that anymore. Just know that this place will always have a special place in my heart.

Fallen [DCP Head General] – When I found DCP, I had just gotten back into Club Penguin since I found CPO. I’ve been here for what, like 5 months now? Every time I logged on at night I would see some orange penguins saying to join a army called DCP. Not knowing what armies was, I asked them and they didn’t respond but I had Discord so I just decided to check it out and wow it’s been a ride. (Also I went up to whoever was recruiting and said fine) probably the first person I met and trusted instantly was Aloy. I went to every event and was active. I’ve ran out of things to say.

Vivala [DCP Main Leader] – DCP basically raised me. I mean everything I know about armies is from DCP. The old leaders like 32, Ginger, Meerr, Rex, Kato, I have good memories of. The newer leaders like Rah, Maroon and Marie have continued to be amazing. There’s been so many amazing HCOM I can’t even name. Love you guys.

Andreia [DCP 2ic] – I don’t even know where to start. Joining this community has made me become a whole different person. Okay don’t @ me but when I first joined DCP, around the 28th of December if I’m not wrong, I didn’t know how Club Penguin armies worked at all and I had never been in any army before. Although I’ve been playing Club Penguin since 2011 but no one had ever talked to me about armies ever since I joined DCP so yeah I kind of left the server behind when I was still a new member if that makes sense. I had no idea what to do there and since I had no friends in DCP around the time I joined until May I didn’t wanna be bothered talking to anyone LOL because apparently I’m not that good at making new friends and I’m really shy. I don’t even remember who recruited me, it was probably Meer, but I do know it was on Club Penguin Online. Thank you so much to whoever did recruit me, because I don’t know where or what else I would be doing right now if it wasn’t for you guys. Well anyways, one time around May, I got a DM from either Janouz or Aviva (I can’t remember who it was as they both deleted their accounts so I can’t really tell who the DM is from RIP), saying DCP was going to have an event the next day and stuff. Since I had nothing else to do plus we were still in quarantine back then I decided why not, it could be fun you know. So yeah, I decided to make an account for CP Armies with their help and I attended my very first event in the beginning of May. I then began to comment on the promotions post and I even tried to recruit everyday, which made me rank up faster. When I joined the staff team, I started freaking out because I never thought I would get to be a mod for DCP, let alone a Second in Command! This has been such a long journey, I got to make loads of friends here and I will never regret anything I’ve done for our army. I used to recruit 3-5 hours a day LOL. Reaching #2 in TT armies was one of the best feelings ever not going to lie, we were so close to being in first. I’m gonna miss you all so much. I know some people are staying in the CPA community but it won’t be the same anymore. You guys were literally my second family. I’m gonna miss you all so much. Thank you for the best nine months of my life. DCP Family Forever.

AishaJabz [DCP 2ic] – Heck heck heck, I’m so happy I left DB for DCP. DCP is filled with hella load of people who care and are funny as fuck. I know I haven’t been here as long as others, however it feels like I’ve been here forever and have became close with a load of yall. All of y’all made DCP a better place and it’s been great working with all of you. Although most of you guys bullied me for my typos, it’s fine it’s what made my time in DCP more funnier. Love y’all. Fear The Shield, fam forever. (Screw you guys for bullying me writing this with typos, I FIXED THEM.)

Mozzarella [DCP 3ic] – Oh god. Writing this means that it’s really over. Like actually over. DCP, you’ve grown to be my home and my safe space. I joined because some annoying penguins spammed me in town, and I felt so lost. Everything here is so unique, the community is something hidden that you never knew you’d find, and never knew you needed. I feel like in the mere 7 months I’ve been here, I’ve changed so much. You all helped me to grow and accept myself, to figure out who I really was. So, thank you. I’ll never forget the incredible memories, laughs, and people I’ve met here. You made me feel loved and I laughed harder than I ever have with you guys. All the hours I’ve spent on discord are worth it when you think about all of the behind the scenes laughs, voice chats, inside jokes, and friendships you never want to let go of.

Marieee [DCP Main Leader] – Well where do I begin. I joined DCP in early December when my original army I was in got shut down due to the leader being exposed. When I first joined, no one welcomed me because they were in the middle of an event LOL. Through my time here, I rose quickly to the top not once but twice. My second attempt is where I finally got to become a leader which was my dream from day one. I’ve had so many amazing memories I can’t even think of just one that I loved. I’ve made so many amazing friends and people that I literally consider like family. I’m so happy I made the choice of joining the Doritos. I know I wasn’t active very much but when I was I tried my best to help everyone as much as I could and make DCP a safe and happy place. I wanna thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to lead even though it was for a short period of time. I’m so glad I met amazing people like you guys. Thank you for never giving up on me, and pushing me to rise to the top. To everyone else in DCP, I love all of you so much and I wish you nothing but happiness and success wherever you go. My DMs will always be open.

Haley [DCP 3ic] – sorry i shut y’all down. maroon is a phat simp for me.

Jazmine [DCP LiT] – Omg I don’t even know where to begin. I joined DCP at the end of January. Everyone here is so caring, sweet, friendly, etc. I’ve made so many new friends here & even got a boyfriend. I’ve also had many good memories in this army as well! I’d like to shout out everyone else here for making this the best army ever! DCP is literally my 2nd family to me! I’ll never forget the awesome memories I had in this army and I wish everyone the best. If anyone wants to keep in touch, my DMs are always open!

Coolbean12 [DCP LiT] – I really don’t know what to say. I loved and cherished every moment we’ve shared with each other. I’m so glad to call y’all my family. I really don’t know what miracles happens here because one day I go from wanting free coins on CPO, to where I am. You’ve all done so much for me. iIjust remember joining the server for the first time and having Meer welcome me. It’s just so crazy how in the just almost 9 months of being here, I’ve been able to grow and get to know all of y’all. I can honestly just say that I won’t find another family like DCP. The hours and late nights I’ve been here, and all the VCs and conversations about anal bleach. I’m so glad I’ve been here to spend that time. I can’t believe how far I’ve come and I can’t believe it all came from orange penguins telling me to go to their website in town. I can’t explain the feelings I’ve felt from being all of you, the joy, the laughter, the excitement, and it’s kind of surreal now that we’re shutting down, but I’m so grateful I was able to spend the last few months with all of y’all.

Snilly [DCP Lieutenant General] – I want to thank you all for this extremely wonderful time in DCP. You gave me a home where I felt comfortable and enjoyed myself. Thank you and I wish you well in all your lifes.

helneh [DCP 3ic] – I suck at writing paragraphs but anyways. When I decided to play CPO, I saw people spamming in town to join armies for free coins. So, I decided to join one LMAO. I was still kind of curious about armies but since MM was a lot of fun I decided to stay and I kind of got addicted to DCP because I had nothing else to do during quarantine LMAO. I never thought I’d get staff in a weird Dorito penguins army but I don’t regret it at all. We’ve been through a lot of shit but I’m so glad i spent last few months in DCP. I’m so grateful for all the memories and people I’ve met here. It has been an amazing experience. Family forever.

Intrinsic [DCP LiT] – I joined DCP on April 3rd of 2020. 2 days I came back to play Club Penguin for that nostalgic feeling. I’m not really sure who was recruiting in Dojo but I really do wanna thank that recruiter, the penguin was solo recruiting bro, because without that penguin I wouldn’t be in DCP at the first place. To be honest, I just got curious because it said “Free coins”. Who would know? I could have joined other armies. I really do loved the community at the beginning that I started inviting my in-real life friends to try out the CPA life, but they didn’t like it. DCP was the only thing that fucked up my sleeping schedule during this quarantine. My very first event was the Defense of Grizzly against IW and fucking killed my laptop for it. I attended every single events that DCP would schedule, 3 AM, 4 AM, sometimes 5 AM events. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT FAMILY FOREVER LOVE EVERYONE OF YALL ONTO THE NEXT ONE! YALL THE FUCKING BEST!

white africa [DCP 3ic] – Where do I start? I first heard about DCP in late January. I spotted them having a few events but didn’t know where to join! Wassim was in town shouting his lines lol and I searched Doritos of CP online! On February 6th, 2020, I officially joined DCP as a Doritos Private. I was awkward at first, but soon adapted to the welcoming and laid back environment. Soon, the quarantine began and that brought me more closer to you guys! There were many times where I was stuck between a rock and a hard place here, friendships and relationships have been built and lost, but I never lost my love for DCP. I’m addicted to the people and the overall environment. I have also achieved many goals here and pretty much matured from then. DCP was one of the key factors in my well being, probably saved me from a terrible depression. I also sacrificed a lot for DCP as well , and I don’t regret any of them. My passion for this army was fueled by events and recruiting as well! I wasn’t the best but those little moments made me so happy. When I left for another army, I never stayed long because I missed this one so damn much. I don’t know what kinda spell Wwe put on this army but it’s hella addicting. I really appreciate every single one of you. I don’t care how strong our relationship is, you have helped me grow in a positive way. DCP forever. Fear the goddamn shield!

Neha [DCP 3ic] – God, to think I came from IW is wild. I joined back in July and it’s been a wild couple of months. If it wasn’t for me knowing the dumbass Aisha and Maroon, I don’t think I would’ve joined and met all you idiots. I’m truly so thankful I was able to make the friends and I did. I’m glad I can call you all my family. Thank you for giving me a spot in DCP and making this place a home to me. I love y’all so much. Family forever.

ZambI [DCP 2ic and Unofficial Leader] – I’ve remember when I made a message in chat before when we were supposed to shut down, but look where we are now. It was way too early to quit when we went all those problems were going down, and I do regret leaving afterward, but I’m happy that you all stuck with the Doritos and made it this far. If an army shuts down after one problem, then I doubt DCP would’ve made it this far, but the courage of you all here kept it going farther than the “expiration date”. Thank you to everyone for the great memories here. I left armies and am not thinking of joining them again, but to spend my last hours in what I consider my home army is heartwarming. There isn’t a specific person to thank, this is the work done by every single one of you. No matter how big or small your role was, the effort everyone put brought us to number one, through several wars, and whatever else threatened our stability. I have no idea what you all will do after this. Whether it’s joining a different army or moving on with your life, you still have one last job: keep the memory alive. You don’t have to remember this shit game, but remember what we went through. Live your life under our motto, “Family Forever”. If you’re ever depressed, happy, confused, or emotional, you have 5,000 of us to support you. Everyone goes through struggles, it’s inevitable, but what gets you out of them is the support you receive. You have all of us cheering you on. Also, remember to keep reppin’ the shield. Best of luck, thanks again for the wonderful memories.

Lamen [DCP 2ic] – I can safely say I would not have gotten through quarantine boredom without all you losers. I don’t remember who I was recruited by specifically but I remember just wanting to play Card-Jitsu again and seeing an orange penguin spamming lines on the beach telling people to go to for nitro giveaways! I can also remember winning Nitro after my first event, big up Wassim for the gift. The last 6 months have been crazy with you guys but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve made some amazing friends and some others more than friends. However you’re all my family and always will be. Love you guys.

Maroon [DCP Main Leader] – Eat shit, catch all you losers later, Family Forever!

Rah [DCP Main Leader] – I was debating whether to throw in some words or not, since everyone else practically described what I wanted to say. However, since I’m a simp for writing, fuck it. Anyway, DCP has practically been one of the best experiences I ever got to be apart of. I’m so thankful I was able to help contribute to this army. It’s extremely crazy I joined DCP in December 2019 and quickly rose up to leader in March 2020. I’d like to say thank you for giving me the amazing opportunity to lead, it’s been quite a pleasure. It’s been fun chatting on Discord, participating in wars and battles, petty fights, etc. I’d like to shout out 32op and Meerrkat. As those two help shape me into what I am today. They always had my back. They taught me everything they knew to be successful and somehow put up with my annoying ass. They taught me to take risks and to not give a fuck about what everybody says. Truly, they are role models to be looked up to, even if other people say otherwise. To the rest of the army, thank you for making me smile, laugh and overall make me become the best version of myself. Remember to never forget where you came from and that we’ll always be a family, even if we go our separate ways.

KawaiiAvery [DCP Major General] – I’ll miss DCP. They were there for me and they changed my life. Also, I am NOT JOINING ACP. I don’t know what kind of army I will join, but right now I am testing out armies and seeing which one I like. I don’t know if I will like GT or CG, but I don’t know. That’s why I am testing out. Until then, I am still thinking. Love y’all. Fam forever!


To leave this off on a good note, here’s some fun memories you guys created, family.

We’re the greatest to ever to do this. Family forever.


DCP Main Leader


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  1. I want to thank you all in dcp for making me feel welcome and everything here dcp was my heart!

  2. Even though I wasn’t part of DCP at the end I always followed you guys everywhere. You guys made me feel welcome even when I wasn’t around.

    Lots of Love,

  3. Thanks DCP. you guys made me feel welcome during the time I was apart of DCP Army. I have followed you guys everywhere when I could. Thanks for making me feel welcomed


  4. yal r honestly killin me<3
    bet nobody gna see this but fucks sake has the past six months been a crazy ride ily all and u gotta admit the oligarchy screenshots are bloody hilarious:)
    thank you everybody for helping me grow as a person yes even you aisha, and honey has my life been turned upside down since i found these annoying af orange penguins following me around spamming free coins free coins all over cpo
    yeah shore we had our shit but at the end of the day, no other army can replace you and the friendships and memories ive made with you guys, youve made me feel welcome and at home
    there are literally times where i wanna laugh, cry and both at the same damn time
    who would have thought that a few strangers on the internet who play mfing club penguin could change my life so much
    honestly before this discord bs became part of my life i was honestly the dumbest idiot ever and im probably even dumber now bc i never have time for hw cuz of this but at least i have people i can call friends, a second family at that
    fr all the fun things we've done together, i cant even name them all, among us, skribbl, minecraft, weddings, dcpad, parties, slapping iw butt, losing to hf 🤭 the hilarious penguin relationship drama, fashion shows, murder mysteries, division battles, arguing over dorito flavours, the group pfp's the list goes on.
    and bloody hell after the april incident when we all migrated over to ice warriors im fucking glad i came back to a place i could call home 🥺

    okokok im gonna go now and dino youre cute and thank maroon for exposing that ❤
    ok real quick kithes for africa kithes for caesar kithes for marie kithes for rah kithes for meer kithes for aisha kithes for andreia kithes for maroon kithes for vivala kithes for lukey kithes for rach kithes for 32 kithes for candy kithes for shira kithes for todoro kithes for possum kithes for leila kithes for wassim kithes for intrinsic kithes for smithy kithes for french kithes for mozz kithes for poke kithes for coolbean kithes for avery kithes for jazmine kithes for nate kithes for mio kithes for satch kithes for blair kithes for becky kithes for louis kithes for janouz kithes for aviva sorry if i forgot you but heres a kith anyway for being amazing people
    and big kithes for erika and dino and frozy and kook and katul
    i honestly just wanna thank each and every one of you because even tho its over im never gonna forget this chapter of my life

    also eyy an unban would be kinda nice 😙✌️

  5. DCP, where do I start honestly? I remember the day back in February when I was on CPO and I saw Meer and he tried to recruit me. We ended up becoming friends. A few days later I saw he retired so I joined the discord server to say something about it. Then I left. A few minutes later I joined again and I´ve been around since. Its been 1 hell of a ride and I wouldn´t change it for the world. You guys are what got me through the quarantine. If it wasn´t for you I wouldn´t be who I am today. You guys changed my life. I´ve made so many friends.

    I want to say thank you to French, Frozy, Meer, Rah, Possum, Marie, Will, Katie, Fluffy, Caesar, 42, Janouz, Aisha, Viv, Louisa, Africa, Darci (love you Darci), Leila, Todoro, and everyone else. Sorry to those I didn´t mention but I love you all. You all mean the world to me. I can´t thank you enough.

    I know no one may see this but I wanted it out there. Love you guys.

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