The Return of the Doritos of Club Penguin – RESULTS!

Hello, Doritos!

Today we officially returned to Club Penguin, with a BANG! – thanks to all of you who came together to make this happen! We had a lot of new people, but as time progresses these new people will become trained members of the DCP Empire and we will continue to perfect our tactics! We had an average of 60 Doritos online! This was our first event, check it out!



You guys did outstanding. This is the Doritos of Clubpenguin in 2019 and after being active for 4 days this is what we did when we came together. We are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Family forever

Brought to you by,

~Mustapha10, 32op, Freezie66, Elvis, Kato and Gingersnap

the DCP oligarchy 

8 Responses

  1. THAT WAS FUN! I’m so excited to DESTROY those RF peopl… penguins

  2. This is unreal. We did this. In 4 days. No help from anyone who isn’t in DCP. You all are the greatest to ever play this game

  3. Fear us

  4. Super awesome Job today!

  5. Good job guys! Came back with a bang!!

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