The End Of The War [Apologies To ACP/AR]

Against me, Mike, and 32’s best efforts, 13yearoldn00b has taken it upon himself to sign a treaty with RPF, without the consent of any current DCP leaders, thus pulling us out of the war. Apparently he had Wwe’s consent, which wouldn’t make any sense to me considering Wwe isn’t active in DCP, and hasn’t really been keeping up with the war, but since CPA ( is no longer active, and their rule that a majority of the leadership must sign the treaty for it to be legit can no longer be relied on, then I’m afraid there is not much I can do. I apologize to our allies, ACP/AR, I did everything I could, I even fought with 13 and some of my owners to try and prevent this from happening, but once the treaty was signed, it was out of my reach. Stay strong, don’t take any shit from RPF, as they are a weak army, and we easily matched them on the battle field day in and day out. Take DCP’s story as an inspiration. We went from being the most hated and illegitimate army, to the biggest army with now their first tournament win in just weeks. Miracles can happen, just believe in yourselves and keep fighting. Nothing can stand between an ally’s will to fight for each other. Unfortunately today, I couldn’t prevent these turn of events from happening, and I sincerely apologize.

To RPF, let me be perfectly clear, DCP’s reason for warring you was not personal AT ALL, and in no way had anything to do with me being removed from RPF over the summer. I carried your army in a war against the Nachos, and got couped by the raging 22 year old for doing a better job than he did. This isn’t the last you’ll be seeing from DCP. You’ve been begging for a treaty since I had declared war on Sunday, and fortunately for you one of DCP’s leaders was nice enough to grant you amnesty, so consider yourselves very lucky.

Terms of the treaty can be seen below.

As for the rest of DCP, we have proved our worth thus far in this generation. We’ve gotten first multiple times, won a tournament, and beat an army so badly in war they had to take DAYS to convince us to sign a treaty. We have much to be proud about. This family has come so far and we will only go further. Fear the shield.



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