RPF Is A Meme

So today, RPF signed a treaty with DCP lasting until March 2017, so they could go after ACP/AR and easily beat them. But what they completely disregarded is that since neither RPF nor DCP can invade each other until March, with a punishment of the offender losing their entire nation, ACP/AR can just give us their servers, and they will have no one to invade. Congratulations RPF, you played yourself.

Now before RPF makes up claims that these agreements aren’t validated, or that not all ACP or AR leaders signed it, or not all DCP leaders signed it, lets be perfectly clear that the treaty between DCP and RPF was only signed by one leader, so you’re shit out of luck.

Super Edwin, ACP Leader, gave DCP all of the servers they took from RPF along with the rest of ACP’s nation. The terms of the agreement can be seen below.

TheMemeBean, AR Leader, also signed an agreement giving DCP all of the servers they took from RPF and the rest of their nation. The terms of this agreement are below.

ACP & AR’s servers are safe with us, and on behalf of the entire DCP leadership, we would again like to apologize to ACP and AR for pulling out of the war without agreeing on it first. We could’ve had the entirety of RPF’s nation by the end of next week, however DCP’s initial goal of protecting ACP and our allies from RPF has officially been achieved.


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