Frosty is Ours!

Hello, Troops! 

Today we successfully invaded the most prized possession of the Dark Side. Their capital server. It was done with ease considering we had many lockouts while the diaper warriors had their entire army in the room. All they did was Joke Bomb at least 10+ times to cover up their small sizes; let’s not even talk about their formations. The battle started off at the Stadium but they retreated to the Ice Berg so they could have the advantage, yet they still managed to lose.

dcp vs dw1

dcp vs dw2

dcp vs dw3

dcp vs dw4

dcp vs dw5

dcp vs dw6

dcp vs dw7

dcp vs dw8

dcp vs dw9

dcp vs dw10

dcp vs dw11

dcp vs dw12

dcp vs dw13

dcp vs dw14

dcp vs dw15

dcp vs dw17

 invasion of frosty dw10

dcp vs dw18

25 Doritos for everyone who attended!

p.s. we love our amazing cheerleader cait!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


8 Responses

  1. Trust me, I am fully aware that DW’s let by pot-heads and the rest are preschoolers so I have taken it upon myself to count their maximum size which was 25.

  2. i came derprives

  3. 11’s post says “30-40” wtf? Implying that DW either got 30 on cp or 40 on cp? Can he not count / tell the difference between 10 troops? Infact, he didn’t even get 30, I counted all of their pictures.

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  5. I came o:

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