The Never Released Post

Hello, Troops! 

I encountered some false stories and I am making this post to set the record straight.

I said I was going to release a post regarding the banishment of Toysoldier and I didn’t release a post yet. So, here it is!

Regarding the banishment of XxToysoldier 

I thought I would never have to mention this guys name ever again, but I was wrong. Anyways… Here’s the entire story, even though Toy makes up lies about this, and he even makes up lies about DCP in general, there are many witnesses who seen this, including our very own leader West. Toy asked to rejoin DCP for a week, I said he can only rejoin for LIT or advisor and he got angry and sold his soul to the devil (elmikey) and joined DW. When he first joined DW, we received waves of  raids coming from DW. They even declared war (which was shortly called off after we became bigger than DW). Many troops were also being stolen. Toy private chatted troops and made lies about myself and the army which led to troops quiting DCP. Many people trusted him, including myself; Which is why the troops were easily tricked by him.

bob marley

Regarding the removal of Elmikey.

I regret introducing my best friend to Elmikey (which I thought was my best friend at the time as well). I would literally do anything for this guy. I put my army on the line for him, I made DCP brother allies with RPF and I fought for RPF when nobody else would. Every single person in armies HATED RPF, yet I was still there to protect them. Which prevented many, many, many armies from attacking them. Eventually, RPF was getting attacked by a group of armies. At first, DCP participated in the NDA which included fighting for RPF; In which we attacked armies that waged war against RPF. Not too long after that, DCP attacked AR, and made them remove their leader Burr (one of the biggest enemies of my career, due to elmikey) and also made them pull out of the war that was being waged on RPF. This made the war a lot easier for RPF, and RPF was able to defeat the Nachos. Not too long after that, armies were after RPF again. This time, RPF was being defeated by a long run. So I had to pull out my black magic wand and get to work. I went around and asked everyone I could to help DCP help RPF. The only army that was willing to do so was the Golds. Golds and DCP together invaded Nachos and made them pull out of the war against RPF, which eventually brought RPF’s empire to peace. After all the armies in the top 10 went after Elmikey, his own army started going after him. They all wanted him removed from leadership, and guess who was there to fight for him? Yes, this idiot right here. I was on RPF chat and RPF site 24/7 trying to convince people not to remove Elmikey. Eventually when he ragequitted RPF due to losing the “president elections”, and as Freezie would say, I provided Elmikey with “asylum” (which Freezie eventually ended up doing instead).

So all this time, how did Elmikey repay me? 

I can tell you how he repaid me. It’s quite simple, he didn’t. What he did was join DCP because I provided him with “asylum”. During his time in DCP he would only come on during the weekends, and he even made it clear and told me that he would only be online during the weekends. He was getting all the credit for DCP’s rise when he wasn’t even contributing to DCP’s rise. Any army leader involved in NoD or NRA meetings knows that Elmikey was no where to be found. He was playing a RuneScape Private Server instead. He also betrayed me by convincing my best friend to betray me and do things that I never thought he would ever do.

It seems like a never ending cycle. It’s like I give people wings and teach them to fly and they fly away and leave me. 


But, I will be back.

Until next time,



21 Responses

  1. Anytime my man, you deserve the truth. ❤

  2. Wow. Elmikey thinks he has full control in everything lol. He is so cheap, betraying someone like that. smh

  3. Awesome post Mustapha.
    Now I see why you don’t like Elmikey.
    This reminds me of AR helping ACP in war, but ACP never repaid.
    Anyways, I agree with this post.

  4. elm’s an asshole


  6. Am DarkMaster btw

  7. Thank you Musta. <333 Btw, l agreed @ Puf.

  8. Down with Elm and Toy.

  9. When are you going to realize you’re full of b******t. You’ve lied to everyone for so long to boost your self esteem that you started believing your own lies. You never were nearly as dominant of a leader as you liked to imagine yourself as. Get over yourself Mustapha.

    • Elm led for like a week and he was inactive. If Elm was the reason DCP was getting 50-60 do you really think I would remove him? and as for Toy, he got leader when DCP was already 1st on the top 10 and maxing 50 lol so how did he even contribute to our rise?

      • I do know that if I ever do return to armies, I will be aiming towards a strike on the army Elmikey or Toyfailure leads.

      • I think Elm and Toy are full of a bunch of s**t too, but you’re all stuck up and way over your heads.

      • You’re calling me “stuck up and way over my head” just because I made you surrender even though I am willing to become friends with you. I already told you that you aren’t my enemy, so how exactly am I stuck up?

      • My main problem is Elmikey and Toysoldier, it has nothing to do with you anyways. You’ve accomplished more than them and all but this post was just unnecessary. Don’t brag about a virtual CP army. Think about it, was this post necessary? You did it because it clearly got a lot of people commenting and liking.

  10. I agree with Burr 100%, shockingly enough. You could accomplish alot more, Mustapha, if you had a normal sized head and weren’t so damn defensive about everything.

    As for Elm, he’s a douche. He sees what he wants, and he’ll piss on anyone to get it. But he builds up this facade of fun, and all these crazy ideals that got him hated in the first place.

    At the very least, Musta, you can admit you done fucked up.

  11. “I can tell you how he repaid me. It’s quiet simple, he didn’t.” Quiet should be spelled as quite. Simple mistake but it was bugging me.

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