Summit Defended!

Hello, Troops! 

Today we successfully defended our capital from the idiotic Dark Warriors. They were counting on their UK division to win the war for them, they were sadly mistaken. They even thought they could retreat and win the battle if we didn’t follow them when the invading army is supposed to go to the defending army. Zak DW leader came to DCP chat and said DW won because we didn’t immediately follow the Dark Warriors after they retreated. Furthermore, DCP was better than DW during this battle even though it was UK.

Defense of Summit vs DW4Defense of Summit vs DW5Defense of Summit vs DW6Defense of Summit vs DW7Defense of Summit vs DW8Defense of Summit vs DW9Defense of Summit vs DW10Defense of Summit vs DW11Defense of Summit vs DW12Defense of Summit vs DW14Defense of Summit vs DW15Defense of Summit vs DW16Defense of SUmmit vs DW17Defense of SUmmit vs DW18

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p.s. DW hyped this event like crazy and even made a different post for it which was stickied and posted on the top of the site, they said it was super important and still couldn’t beat us. It’s sad that they’ve been building up their UK force for so long and still can’t beat us, even when non-DW people got in DW uniform to help them. 😆

Good job Doritos! We really came together as a family today to defend our capital against the evil Dark Warriors while most of our USA soldiers were in school! Im proud of you all! Everyone who attended gets 25 Doritos!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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  1. I came to the first one I don’t know about the rest though….Sorry if I don’t come to the other ones.At least I was in the 1st one! 😉

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