War on AR – Called off.

Hello, Troops! 

Today we declared war on AR because of the many evil actions done by Burr, AR leader. However, this was a wake up call for the AR creator. He woke up and realized that it was time for Burr to step down. He plans to rectify this entire situation as well as the army by night’s end. He is sorry for what his army has become, and he apologized to DCP, the Community, and RPF. He is going to negotiate peace with RPF leaders, and it going to attempt to fix his army. This caught me by surprise. Knowing AR, I thought they would be blinded by the situation under Burr. However, thankfully.. 122344a was there to save the day. He’s going to try and restore the old AR, the AR that was once our allies.

What have we accomplished? 

  • Burr stepped down from leadership
  • AR being restored [old AR is back] 
  • AR is dropping out of the war with our brother allies [RPF]
  • One less evil army
  • Got rid of a key cyber bully, and many of his followers
  • Another step closer to a safer Community
  • Club Penguin has been kept safe!

One less evil army, and another step to a safer community. 

We have accomplished our goals. Good job, Doritos! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


6 Responses

  1. i want to join plez

  2. can i plz join!!
    i would love to really!! my club penguin nme is rosyreem138 an of corse i would love to join



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