Hello, Troops! 

So I just checked DW site because someone told me they wanted war, and I seen 3 posts by Freezie. One post copying my “started from the bottom” post. One post begging for troops not to quit. And another post about war because they want to keep their motivation going. I laughed so hard that Two Armies attacked DCP while we’re already in a war with LT. So, DW ignored invasions of 3 armies [AR, Nachos, WV] because according to DW “nobody can take on multiple armies”. Yet, the DW have declared war on on us while we’re already in war with 2 armies and that’ll make them the 3rd army. DW are hypocrites that are being ruined by some faggot that nobody even knew last month, known as Freezie. And another queerbag who thinks he’s a big guy now that he’s led DW from 1st to 1st. 

So, just as DW once said.. “We will only be going to war with WV, because no matter how great an army is you cannot take on 3 top 10 armies” 

DW is a scum army that is known for doxing, and everyone knows it. You’re all faggots that no one cares about. Your current closest allies are the same armies that gang raped you not too long ago. 

freezie lol

DCP will be ignoring the hypocrites. 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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