1st on top 10

Hello, Troops! 

Today, we have made history.

1st on top 101st on top 10 a


cpac champions cup

The only time DCP has ever gotten 1st on the top 10 was last year. We’ve never ever achieved first until last year. Last year we were 1st for 2 weeks. Now, this is the 2nd time in history that DCP has ever gotten 1st. Good job, Doritos! We did it! We have made history! This generation has been the best generation in DCP history. And I am proud to be the one who was in charge of this generation the entire time. This generation of DCP shall be remembered for decades to come. We’ve made it this far.. This generation is amazing… We have won every single war we have gotten into. We have gotten around 60 troops on CP this generation. We have made it to the final round of the legends cup. We’ve gotten 1st on the top 10. Now, it’s time for us to win that Champions Cup and make history for the 100th time. I told you guys, if we worked together, we would be the best army ever! You guys probably didn’t believe me. Well, now I hope we’ve changed DCP forever. I couldn’t of done this without every single one of you. If you try your best, you can accomplish ANYTHING! We have done what many people thought was the impossible. Our time is now, this is our golden age Doritos! It’s time to dominate. Lets show them who the best army really is and lets continue getting first on the top 10.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in DCP events.

Thanks to everyone who has tried to improve DCP.

Without you guys, we truly couldn’t of made it this far.



Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend 


4 Responses

  1. i shat myself when i saw us on frist

  2. Damn we came a long ways since our fall in April dcp went through hell and back i thought we would never be on a top 10 ever again but in the summer i had hope i never turned back when it came to dcp and i was right we kicked ass this summer and now were here wg is a legend for making uma come back from the dead to 2nd but toy bam and musta led us back from the dead all the way to first won every war we had crushed uma,swat and cppa and we did this all without wwe. G00d job 😀

  3. “13s gen” …
    1. It was not your generation
    2. You led during this generation, instead it was around jan.
    So pretty much, I did mention the generation you were in. Because I mentioned this generation.

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