SWAT is pathetic

Hello, Troops!

So SWAT with a bunch of servers that aren’t even for them, decided to claim Summit.

Lol first of all SWAT,


and we cleansed Summit like 3 times in the period of two months and found no opponents so if you think you still own the server at your failed attempt to invade it against Wwe a long time ago, then you need some real help. SWAT dies every month and claims pages of servers. 😆 We can take all of SWATs servers since they broke the treaty, but the truth is, SWAT has no real servers.

I’m not even going to waste my time reading some noob named tempah’s post, no one even knows him and he probually doesn’t even know whats going on rofl.

SWAT’s “rule” was made AFTER the treaty, what part of that do you morons not understand?

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


6 Responses

  1. Check our site you moron, we invaded it. Treaties aren’t allowed anymore, I am the creator of CP army rules.

    • Your pathetic excuses of invasions will not be accepted. They do not count due to you failing to follow our treaty.

  2. And for the rest of our servers, we claimed because i asked my friend and he said no one owns them. we have the most servers in the history of armies, regardless of them being ours or not! get educated and go back to day care

    • If your friend said no one owns them, then he’s wrong.
      How do you “have the most servers in the history of armies, regardless of them being yours or not” If they aren’t yours then you have none, and either way its not the most in history of armies.

    • Actually I believe UMA or IW holds that honor, but it damn sure isn’t SWAT.

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