CAHSEE Exam, will be inactive for a few.

Hey guys, I’m going to be taking the California Academic High School Exit Exam in the next two weeks. As a result I need to switch my priorities to studying after school instead of coming on to DCP chat. Unfortunately this means I will not be able to help for any weekday recruiting or other events. I assure a return after the exam and I’ll be back to my normal self, but for the mean time, stay united, I will try to come on late night after my studies and come weekends until the exam preparations and the exam itself is done.

While I am away I ask DCP to stay stronger then ever and unify, 13 stop ownering everyone, Carter be less AFK more often, Musta maintain order, and you DCP troops need to show the CP Army world how badass DCP is and why we shouldn’t be messed with.

I hope to return to my active self by February 22nd, 2013.

Until then, break the gates of hell and unleash fury.


~DCP Main Leader

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  1. […] also announced his hiatus, which you can read HERE. I do wish him good luck. For the event mentioned above, I think it was equal, or maybe Light […]

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