Lately, i’ve noticed more then enough owners on DCP chat. And the bad part about it is, half of them aren’t even active. The only owners on chat should be the ones that are listed here. Or the DCP advisors which are only 3 people, Bam, Wwe, and Alfrondo. Also, the part where people are able to join for owner, ends now. You must EARN your owner rank. Owner in DCP is a great responsibility, because usually, the owners end up leader eventually. When you’re just making random people owner, when they aren’t even loyal, that’s when DCP gets messed up. It’s gotta stop. So here’s the new owner ranks, and i’ll say it again, these are the only people who should be owner on chat, besides the advisors. Red colored name’s get demoted one rank  less, and if they quit you must member them. Yellow colored name’s don’t get demoted on ranks nor on chat. But they will be demoted soon if they don’t shape up.  Green colored names should be congratulated for being TRUE DORITOS.


Yellow=Risk of demotion


Mustapha10, Paco, Carter,  13yearoldnoob


32OP, Huskers, Hades


Blooy, Bmf, Firestar, El Rey, Jester

Mrgpv, Potato, Freezie,  Melissa52299, Bloo, Logrey


If you think you’re a DCP owner, and you’re not on here, then Private Chat Mustapha10 please.

Demoted People and their current ranks: Jester (3ic), Mrgpv (4ic), Potato (fired), Freezie (fired)

So after these demotions have taken place, the ranks should look like this:

Mustapha10, Paco, Carter,  13yearoldnoob,


32OP, Huskers, Hades


Bmf, Firestar, El Rey,

Melissa52299, Bloo, Logrey, Jester

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader


5 Responses

  1. Furst

  2. I like pie


  4. Hey it’s Jay remember I am a 2ic

  5. El Rey is barely ever on >.>

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