Another Post on the Dictator!

Hello, Troops!


*Post contains minimal swearing*

Pain the dictator has been talking lots of smack lately. So, you like to trash talk eh?

If I where you, i’d shut my bigass mouth, you faggot. You have 0 troops. ZERO. NONE. All you have is slaves, who log on for 4 hours.

You got trolled by vendetta himself, You filthy pig.

How does someone go from this,

To this,

Then to this,

So quickly?

The reasonable answer to the question is, He manipulates you all. He tricks you to seduce you, he attempted to do it to me.

You pathetic failure.

You told xiunknown that DCP is going to crumble because we don’t have wwe?
Lmfao, we beat you and made you surrender, begging for mercy, WITHOUT WWE. You shall kiss our feet once again you prick. Don’t think your so great because you lead an army with OTHER leaders to the top 5, then you got overthrown from that army several times. You idiot, you’ve been overthrown from EVERY SINGLE ARMY YOU’VE LED.

Pain’s amazing history 😀

DCP-Overthrown [x2!]





This guy is truely one of the most hated in cp warfare history. You deserve a medal, Pain the Dictator.

How does Pain treat his troops?!

Just take a look, and see for yourself.

And last but not least?

The peace treaty that states Pain’s ARMY CANNOT attack DCP, otherwise they lose all their servers.
Although, never was there an agreement on DCP not attacking PCP first. So don’t get your hopes up, fatboi.

note: I have a bunch of pictures of this part on my other computer. I’ll upload them soon.

When DCP is finished with Pain, he will end up breaking his computer out of rage. AGAIN.

Join the correct army, Doritos. Not the evil army!

Until later,

Laugh at Pain.

Then, March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main leader

Signature Musta


19 Responses

  1. Ehhh, l never noticed this. But it’s true, he did the same thing from GT, Doritos, ST, PCP, TCP and SWAT.

  2. You know Mustapha, you just manipulated me into helping an army that is an ally with ACP. And that is from someone who is a Pirates and Nacho mod. You also forgot that Pain was thrown out of the Pirates in only 1 week, and if there is a war against the Tostitos, I will fucking do my best to increase his army history into another overthrow… from his OWN army.

  3. First off, every single army I was overthrown from perished and two of those armies are merged into TCP, PCP, and Swat. That conversation between me and xiUnknown was confidential and mere opinion, you ape Seccond off, no other leaders assisted in the rising of my armies everything I have ever done is 100% me besides little recruiting from other leaders. Lastly on the very day this post was made I was negotiating an alliance between TCP and DCP you imbecile.

  4. And that agreement only stood for PCP, not any other armies I am in.

  5. DCP has never defeated any army I am in without Wwebestfan.

  6. I also quit DCP the second time you idiot.

  7. I am a dictator, I am very harsh. I may be a faggot, but I am a powerful faggot. All dictators are powerful. I also do beleive all jews should be killed, because Hitler did NOT finish his job. I don’t deny PCP’s defeat. And Alf answer PC when I miss you :l

  8. Wow Alf, you edited it to say I miss you I said when I PC you douche.

  9. Lol. Took a picture of me saying Im bored. Oh wow. But yes. I agree. Pain is the Ultimate Dictator. He made us go on for 2 hours. and then he demoted 3 people instead of promoting. Coolman quit. He keeps doing threats in pc for me. And someone else I dont know who but someone else quit. Nice post!!!!!

  10. 1. The reason you did all of the work is because you are a fucking dictator, and don’t allow others to do anything.

    2. You were overthrown in all of those armies, because everyone is fucking sick of you taking credit of everything and demoting half of the owners.

    3. You live in your fantasy world and think you are some kind of legend that makes armies rise. If you were something like that, don’t you think everyone would acknowledge that? The thing is that no one gives a fucking about you, not even CPAC. I might have not been leader in any army, but at least I am not as hated as you are.

    I think that wraps up most of it.

  11. couldnt have said it any better than myself

  12. He has fucking anger managment.


  13. Pain you ass, why you bumping and forcing ppl in pc for just a stupid fucking training event. Nobody gives a fuck about you. Dictator dick.


  14. Also, lol you took a pic of me when i was scared of Pain. Nice job.

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