Ranks updated.

If you are in the DCP, and you can’t find your name on these ranks, press the buttons “Ctrl” and the “F” key at the same time, and then type in your club penguin username!

Note: Please understand that specific times of updates are not guaranteed. Please be patient.


Red = Risk of Demotion

Orange = Permanent

Blue = Temporary

Yellow = Under Testing

Wwebestfan, Alfrondo1465, Mustapha10, Cul8rsl

Prince Jake[10], Aaronstone42, Scientist[132], Zepher[100]

32op[230],Teal Violin, Joee, Gingersnap

 Subz[27], CoolOrange54[67], penguin257[147], Caliope98, Hike91

Jujuflower[105], Cokecola[25], Mwc95[50], Limu007[75], Petteyboy, Aln, Cademan12, Piki43

Yung4[10], Firestar1114, Shaunpruger45, Scott43, Modo

Midnightdcp1[10], Orreanna[102], Yugioh[40], Goldninja799

Fillax[10], Xxtoysoldier[62], Matty6177, Kimberly

78562cool[150], Crazy186, Elvis, Max38410, Munchkin, Error

Max252, Puckerman, Meow, A and C1

Kingmastarf, Scooter91999

Epicorange1, Epicmeme, Aero

Rabbit270, CPMaster10123

Netiman, Bigdd3, Jujubeans22, Shadowaj1, Bluej521

Angel Jubbyd




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