Interview: Rex


How long have you been involved within DCP?

I first joined armies in August 2012 after I was recruited off the Riffy888 chat. I was recruited into the Chaos Army by 32op. I almost single handedly kept that army alive by convincing people to return. I led the Chaos Army for many months in late 2012 and early 2013 before I quit CP armies. I rejoined armies briefly in 2015 and was mostly in ACP but after that I left until I saw none other than 32op recruiting on CPO for the Doritos. I was excited to rejoin armies again as it had been so many years and I saw how successful the Doritos were when I came to the opening event. I have been here since the beginning of this generation.

How was your journey to the top like?

I began heavily recruiting for the Doritos at the beginning of December and was rapidly promoted to 3ic by the end of December. We were all focused on winning the Christmas Chaos tournament at the time and worked very hard to win it. Then the war with the Warrior Alliance began and I continue to dedicate a lot of time to helping DCP dominate other armies and I was promoted near the end of the war to leader.

What is your most memorable moment within DCP?

My most memorable moment was the Christmas Chaos Tournament, which was what we believed to be the tournament of the decade. Everyone worked incredibly hard and we maxed an astounding 130 which was unheard of. We destroyed the Dark Warriors even with the confusion everyone in the community knew who was truly dominant and deserved the win. Everyone in DCP came together only a month after the return to show that we were the best ever even after we had some setbacks.

What do you look forward to every event?

I look forward every event to bringing the largest amount of people possible together to have fun and come together as a community. I look forward to seeing unique and powerful tactics and proving that we are the most powerful army in the community and a force to be reckoned with.

What advice would you give to new members?

My advice to new members is to not be afraid to strike up a conversation on DCP discord and express yourself. Do not be afraid to ask questions and come to as many battles as you can.

What is your role as a leader?

My role as leader is to set a good example for everyone, recruit more people into the army, and make the army as fun as possible while dealing with any issues that arise.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to encourage DCP?

All Doritos members should be proud of being a part of the most fun and successful CP community to ever exist. We come together from all around the world to play games and have fun together. I encourage all Dorito members to always look on the bright side of things and know that everyone can make an important difference in this army and in the world itself.


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