DCPNC- Puffle Party & March 27th challenge answers!

Hey DCP! the Puffle Party is here!!! In this post I’ll show you where to find stuff, and all the new items, puffles and rooms!

so when you first log on, you’ll see P.H!

*gasp* A NEW PUFFLE???? And it’s at a wildlife center, by puffle wild? Let’s go!

Time to see the new room, which you can get to through puffle wild!

You can adopt a teal puffle!!! Now P.H. mentioned some daily challenges and stuff, so click on the top right corner, the puffle icon next to the discord icon.

We can start with the O’berry hunt!

sounds like the first one is at the beach!
I’m staring right at it!
Coffee anyone?
Heres the Coffee shop, with the berry!
races… sledding anyone?
Ski hill looks pretty with the new sky! plus there’s a berry!
I think cheese is the only one of those toppings I would like on a pizza…
sing us a song piano man… and pass the berry over too
Let’s see that penguin time clock at the snow forts
These rooms are so dang cute
time to head back to puffle wild!
outfit change, gotta look fresh
Time to collect the items!

Now that the challenge is done, let’s see what else we can do…

Owo wuts this

You can transform into a puffle!!!!

My fursona

We didn’t see all the rooms, so let’s explore! one of them has a free item in it!

Here’s the ski village, you can make the ball swing and the spring toy bounce a bit!

Wow im heavy, gotta lay off those fluffy sandwhiches

Here’s the inside of the lighthouse, step on the scale and it changes!

What animals would penguins keep in a zoo…?

Here’s the docks, where your puffle can munch on meat or carrots!

Here’s town, all snazzied up!

Fancy Cat

The clothes shop looks different too!


The stadium is an obstacle course now!

Puffle gala?

the plaza!

pretty dang fancy, could have a fashion show here!

The mall looks very different!

Just a cat in a ball pit

Forest has a free silver hoodie in it!!! plus a ball pit so that’s fun


Cove has water slides! click on the entrances to go down!

Even the mine changed!

I’ll be posting more for every day’s new challenge, so I’ll see ya’ll soon!

-Vivala (vivala1216), DCP Leader


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