Want a promotion?

If you haven’t been promoted recently and feel like you deserve a promotion, leave a reply comment in this post.

Tell me your ranks name and why you should be promoted! If you are the lowest rank you need to comment here. 


26 Responses

  1. Hi, my name is cutelilygirl(username). I’m a private and I would like to request for a promotion as I’ve been attending quite a lot of events lately 😀 . I believe that DCP is the best and will continue to try to participate in as many events possible!!! Family Forever 🙂

  2. My ranks name is Abhisha. I’m a major, by the way! :p Anyways, I would like to be promoted because I try my best to attend battles if I can, and welcome many new recruits. 🙂 Thank you! -Abhisha.

  3. My ranks name is Jasmin78689 I’m a major I always try to attend battles but if i cant i tell the truth if I can’t!

  4. my name is Possum03. I attend both US and UK battles even thought im in US. I tryed to use an autotyper to promote but it aparently messed up my families computer and i got in trouble so i just copy and paste. I also welcome new recruits all the time. I have been in this army for quite a while. family forever!

  5. Hello my name is Clover902 I’m a very active USA troop attending Ausia UK and USA events. I haven’t been promoted in a long time and I think it’s time I deserve one. I autotype everyday and work for the family my current rank is private thank you dcp. fᎪmᎥᏞᎽ fᎾᏒᎬᏉᎬᏒ

  6. My name is Legofan Cy. I deserve a promotion because I came on chat today and said “hi” also. I’m looking forward for my promotion. XD

  7. Promo omg yay 🙂
    CP name: Ponger12345
    XAT name: Robs123
    rank: Major

  8. Im a lieutanent my name is Yunus 368 I l would like to be admiral 🙂

  9. My ranks name is Mitrev. I’m a major, by the way! :p Anyways, I would like to be promoted because I try my best to attend battles if I can, and welcome many new recruits. 🙂 Thank you!

  10. My name is Popcorny5555 i am not on the ranks but deserve a promo to mod because i help alot

  11. Hi my name is Bulletprooflove,Im very active right now, I make recruiting penguins,attendign UK and US events and I love autotyping.I also welcome new recruits with a warming smile.I love my new family. ❤ FAMILY FOREVER<3

  12. Im Healthym3, Rank : Head General

  13. My rank is Colenel. My cp name is Jamestra. I would like to be promoted b/c i always try to attend battleS. DCP forever 🙂

  14. I attended the practise session on 07/27/15

  15. I have joined many events it would be an honor if you make me admiral my name is yunus 368

  16. Name’s Tommy, I’m head colonel, I deserve a promo because I’ve attended quite a few regular and promo battles and I’ve welcomed some new troops recently

  17. hello my name is merrilen im always here 24/7 and i attend alot of battles.i have not been promote for along time and i think i should be pomoted to mod because i have done alot of stuff for this army!my current rank is private so please promote me!!!

  18. MY RANKS NAME IS TEAKI. and i have always wanted ti be a mod i think that i deserve mod because i always recruit i use a n autotyper i lovee welcoming new players i feel that i am a goiod staff and that i always attend us and uk battles even though i am wester hemisphere DCP IS FAMILY FOREVER

  19. Hello My Name Is Harry_Slaughter And I Attend Every Battles EXEPT 1 And Every Training Session. My Current Rank Is Member. I Welcome New Recruits Sometimes Bcuz Im Doing Important things.
    Ive Been In DCP Since January 29, 2015. FaMiLyFoReVeR

  20. Hello, my name is celebi, and my club penguin name is sonicrush79. I attend to a lot of battles. My current rank is captain right now. I think I should be ranked up is because I am very active, I always focus on the battles, I love to take screenshots of the battles. (These pictures will really convince people to join dcp) and I like helping new people get a head start of what they are suppose to do in battle. Alot of people participates in these battles. And I would like to say that I am very proud of that. We were able to persuade a lot of people to join dcp. Mustapha10 and Cul  are good leaders in DCP. Because of them, I was able to be brave and help others with situations. Additonaly, I believe that we can succeed if we keep trying and never give up. Never let your guard down.

  21. Hi my name is Dextoe1 and I have participated in a lot of winning battles. My current rank is sergeant. I always do my best to cooperate in battles, and I teach those who are new here. I also help others join this group because this is the only group that treats others like family. Thank you.

  22. Everyone who commented have been promoted! Congratulations, Doritos! If you see that you were not promoted on the ranks page, please private chat a leader on chat, thanks!


  24. Hi my name is tropicana122 and I am brand new to this and so far I love it. I have not been promoted yet and I have attended every battle since I joined. I also advertised doritos cp and I help other newcomers. Thank you for giving me this awesome opportunity and experience! 😉

  25. I know this is a little of topic but how do you go to battles We have trie d going on the website at the right time and nothing happens I hope you can answer so we have a reason to be promotedBye 

  26. yup im Sorryosis106 and I wanna be a mod….

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