Hello everyone,

It’s been months since i’ve last posted on DCP’s website, but I would just like to make this post quick.

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Even though I barely come on chat anymore, and if I did, usually it’d be once a week if that, but due to activities that are happening, I don’t see the need of me being here anymore. I’ve been retired for over 6 months, so there’s no point of visiting anymore.

So anyways, all i’m trying to say is that i’m leaving XAT Chats permanently, this wasn’t a hard decision, but it’s what i’m doing.

I give a farewell to everyone, including old friends of mind that i’ve made on these chats throughout the years since 2008.

I will NOT be seen anymore on any xat chat, but I may pop in for a visit in the future, but who knows, maybe never again so if it’s never again, just know that i’ll miss everyone one of you!


Good-bye Everyone

You can leave some farewell comments in the comments box below this post if you wish, and i’ll be sure to view and respond to most of them.



DCP Creator

21 Responses

  1. I’ve said good bye before a couple times i think thts good enough (wary) jk anyways see ya nice to have u around when u were on.

  2. Aw I miss you hoe come back for the summer 😦 😦 -Love Samra WWES BEST FRIEND NUMBAH ONE WITH BAMMYKINS ya by the way i was wondering if you can tell people on HSA chat that we are best friends because no one seems to believe me

  3. You will be missed as a legend wwe.
    ~Jubbyd :’) You will be missed

  4. Goodbye Wwe, Your The Whole Reason I’m In Cp armys! Thanks 32op

  5. BYE WWE 😥

  6. Peace out. *salutes*

  7. Wwe you were an amazing leader/creator! You’ll be missed.

  8. You’ll be missed man. Thanks for everything and thanks for recruiting me into CP armies.

  9. You will be missed. Thanks to you, DCP has had it’s many adventures, and it never would’ve happened if you hadn’t created this army. People die, but legends live forever. I think that’s how the saying goes (wary)

  10. Goodbye Wwe. Thxs for everything you did for me when you let me join you army. It was good and strong as l thought. But when l came here, l will just gonna say farewell comments…. I’ve known you as when you were in IW and DCP. I remember when you came over to UMA chat and says that UMA has merged into DCP. Good past going now, man. I still know you since l last joined somewhere 2008-2009.

  11. Even though I never met you I can tell you were a great leader

  12. Fair well wwe 😦 see me on face book your a legend wwe!

  13. will by I think, but wars just started why say good you might say hello!!~and u can meet me o Cp SophieTent M2 ….Legends just started I have a group I am still working on it ,, not very good thou..

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