[UK] Invasion of Mammoth – Results!

Yo Doritos!

Today we logged onto Ascent, CPRewritten for our invasion of Mammoth against the Army of Club Penguin! Despite the verdict, we managed to have a blast with making fun formations and chanting tactics!

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[US/UK] Revival Event – Results

Hey Doritos!

Today we logged on Zipline, CPRewritten for our new CPPS era and revival event! We went back to business doing some fun formations and tactics. Thank you to our Fourth in Command, Lucifer, along with our LiTs and Leaders for leading this great event. We managed to come back with a bang!

Max: 50+
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Nakey Takeover [RESULTS]

Hello DCP!

Today, we logged on NewCP to have a fun naked takeover/training event! We were able to max 50+ Doritos (with lockouts)! We are slowly growing back to our sizes which is good! Here are some pictures at the event.

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Defense of Rocky Road [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on Rocky Road to defend our server Rocky Road against the Ice Warriors. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful with our defense however we still had a blast! We managed to max 40+ troops!

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Celebrating Pi Day

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin DCPNC – Oh, look! Club Penguin has decorated the island with signs leading up to the Pi Party! I’m so excited to eat all the pie in this empty server. Click read more.

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March Party Announcement: Join the Expedition at the Puffle Party 2015!

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin DCPNC – Club Penguin moderator, Megg has updated a new blog post for the “Join the Expedition at the Puffle Party 2015!” for rumors and sneak peek to look through before the Puffle Party starts. Click read more to find out.

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Penguin Style: March 2015

I rejoined the DCP just yester. l am posting this cp cheats as my third one ever! I am the first person to ever post these cp cheats. The Doritos are gonna have a new name for the Club Penguin cheats. It is called the “Doritos Of Club Penguin News Central”. [for these of you that didn’t know the DCPNC.] Also from what l heard about Bam’s post and why he is leaving the DCP, is that his brother passed away and l am sorry for his loss. We love you Bam!
Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin DCPNC – Club Penguin has updated its site with this month’s clothing catalog and there are A LOT of cool secrets you can find for this month’s clothing catalog cheats! Click read more.

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Important Battle Coming Up!

Attention Doritos!

Our battle against the IW is not too long from now so prepare yourselves! This is going to be a good fight! Don’t miss out and make sure to attend. 

All troops are needed! 

Check this weeks battles above!