[UK] Invasion of Mammoth – Results!

Yo Doritos!

Today we logged onto Ascent, CPRewritten for our invasion of Mammoth against the Army of Club Penguin! Despite the verdict, we managed to have a blast with making fun formations and chanting tactics!

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[US/UK] Revival Event – Results

Hey Doritos!

Today we logged on Zipline, CPRewritten for our new CPPS era and revival event! We went back to business doing some fun formations and tactics. Thank you to our Fourth in Command, Lucifer, along with our LiTs and Leaders for leading this great event. We managed to come back with a bang!

Max: 50+
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[CPR] Uniform Guide – May 2021

Hey Doritos!

Here’s a quick guide on how to grab our uniform on Club Penguin Rewritten. The uniform is subject to change as we get more items for our uniform through future catalogs. Let’s jump right in!

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[IMPORTANT] – Summit Restored

❗ Addressed to the holy Dorito Empire ❗

Hello Doritos,

For some time now, a Portuguese/Brazilian army under the alias of the ‘Os Mascarados Army’ (‘the masked army’ in English) had ownership of Summit on the CP Army Media map. The DCP leadership has been theorizing on how we could regain ownership of Summit on this map.

Effectively immediately, the DCP leadership is unrevealing Operation: Summit. Continue reading