[US/UK] Revival Event – Results

Hey Doritos!

Today we logged on Zipline, CPRewritten for our new CPPS era and revival event! We went back to business doing some fun formations and tactics. Thank you to our Fourth in Command, Lucifer, along with our LiTs and Leaders for leading this great event. We managed to come back with a bang!

Max: 50+
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Nakey Takeover [RESULTS]

Hello DCP!

Today, we logged on NewCP to have a fun naked takeover/training event! We were able to max 50+ Doritos (with lockouts)! We are slowly growing back to our sizes which is good! Here are some pictures at the event.

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[NewCP] Music Catalog

Hello Doritos!

Here’s a guide of all the secrets in the Music Catalog. Let’s take a look!

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