What you can expect in the coming weeks.

Some of you may or may not know this but.  You have just joined the greatest and largest army to ever be on Club Penguin.  The Doritos of Club Penguin are an amazing army that achieve some of the most amazing sizes anyone has ever seen on Club Penguin.  And now guess what?  We’re coming back as of tomorrow.  And tomorrow, we start the largest generation of DCP Club penguin has ever seen.  This generation of DCP is different from the others because we have forgiven the mistakes of past DCP soldiers and they have returned to our army to help us make #1.  Now some of these people may not have been the best for DCP. But they are Family to us and they will no doubt help us become twice the size of what you just saw in the pictures above this. So congratulations Soldier.  You have just joined the best generation of this army Club Penguin has ever seen! Prepare yourself for awesomeness tomorrow! ~Waffles