Doritos Invasion of White Out – Success

Hey there Doritos! Today we logged on to CPR for our invasion of Whiteout against the Sidie’s Rangers! SR did not show up so we had a fun training event, and successfully claimed Whiteout as ours! Thank you to everyone who logged on to support us and helped us obtain our recently named Tia’s Beehive! Continue reading

Defense of Rah’s Dwarf Village – Results!

Hey Doritos!

On Monday, we went onto CPRewritten for our battle against The Army of Club Penguin to defend our land. After doing some fun formations and tactics in some strange rooms, sadly we were defeated and failed to defend Rah’s Dwarf Village. Thanks to our HCOM for leading this event and thanks to the troops who joined us!

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Invasion of Sabertooth – Results!

Yo Doritos!

On Friday, we logged onto CPRewritten for our battle against the Golden Troops. After doing some fun formations and tactics, we successful managed to invade Sabertooth! Thank you to our HCOM for leading this great event!

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Doritos Invasion of Masked Dreams v.s. Red Ravagers – Success

Hello all Doritos! Today we had a total of 15 family members log on to help us defeat the Red Ravagers, and successfully invade Masked Dreams (now known as RR’s Unmasked Reality) Thank you to everyone who helped us made made our effort be fruitful!

Doritos Max 15! (yes NiceLiar is our troop they just would not change color no matter how much we told them)
(NiceLiar doing tactics)


us telling nice liar to change their fricking penguin color (for proof that they are part of Doritos and not a rogue cuz ik how u TT ppl like to nitpick :wary:)

Doritos Mandatory Training/Jackbox Event Results!

Hey there Doritos! Today we logged onto to CPR | Abominable for some fun training! We had a total of 14 Family Members log on! Thank you for the fun event! (even though it was chaotic for the most part)

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[Aus] Defense of Musta’s AFK Store

Hola Doritos!

Today we logged on to Club Penguin to defend the server ‘Musta’s AFK Store’ from the Red Ravagers who were trying to invade it. It was an early event for most of us but we still managed to get a nice 18+ max for it! Well done Doritos and thank you to everyone who attended that helped us defend!

18 Max

Thank you once again for anyone attending this fun battle and to our awesome HCOM team for leading the rooms!



Doritos Leader

[AUSIA] Doritos Defense of Aaron’s Base(d)ment vs Army Of CP

Hey Doritos! today we went head to head against the Army of CP one of the top 4 major armies currently active, for the defense of Aaron’s Base(d)ment. Unfortunately they were successful in defeating us and claiming Aaron’s Base(d)ment as their own (much to our chagrin) but we’ll get em next time! We only had 10 chips log on due to the timing of the event, so we ask for your help in raising our numbers for the future!!! 

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Doritos Defense of Freddy’s Doghouse vs Red Ravagers – Success!

Hello my fellow Doritos! Today 20 of our family members logged on to defend Freddy’s Doghouse against the Red Ravagers of CP! Thanks to all of our efforts combined we ended with a successful 3-0 victory! Thank you to everyone who logged on for helping us keep Freddy’s resting place safe! (fly high Freddy, you will be missed)

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[US] Invasion of Below Zero v/ PIC

Hey Doritos!

Yesterday we logged into Club Penguin Rewritten to battle PIC for their server Below Zero! Despite some technical difficulties we managed to get an awesome max of 18!! We won the battle for the server and renamed it to Musta’s Afk Store! Thank you to everyone that attended the battle. We can’t wait to see you at future events!

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Doritos Invasion of Santorini V.S. Magma Clan – Success

Hey there Doritos! Today we logged on for our Invasion of Santorini (now renamed to Mythic’s Powertools Cemetary) Against the army known as Magma Clan! We successfully claimed that piece of land as our own with an amazing max of 23 Doritos online!

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