Munching On Ice [Week In Review]

Hello, Doritos!

After passing round #1 of the Legends Cup, the Doritos will begin to see bigger threats (though quite literally everyone else is small fry compared to us).

Ouch, that’s gonna hurt.

The upcoming week will be a “challenge” but before we move onto the next week, we’re going to take a look back at what we did this week. Read on to see the full post! Fear the shield, DCP family!

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Crunching The Competition [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Doritos!

With the Legends Cup right around the corner, I figured I’d stop all the beef, make some moves on map, get Mammoth & call it a day. The DCP commanders work hard and drove away the snake, evening the playing field for all, and the goal has been accomplished. However once you complete one goal, another one pops up almost immediately. For us, the goal is now to win Legends Cup X, which would be our first cup ever to bring home to DCP. War time is over, we’ve had our fun & plenty of time to prepare; we will be ready. But before we get too ahead of ourselves let us reflect back on what we did this week as an army because it truly was amazing to witness. This week I figured I’d get our AUSIA division back up & running, which surprised the hell out of me when we broke almost 50 at those times after not holding an AUSIA event for a little while. We continued to invade IW with sizes of 60-65 all week long, giving them no shot at beating us in the slightest even if they did show up. The consistency put on display in not only battles, but at each of our events no matter what division you may be in, just shows me how motivated everyone is and makes rejoining this army at an older age actually still fun & worth it. I believe we will grab #1 on both top tens this week, however only time will tell and we will see tomorrow how the lists turn out. But either way, we know who’s #1 anyway, never needed no top ten to tell us that! 🙂 Read on to see the highlights of our week! ORANGE SUMMER!

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U- LEAD Event Results [April 19th]

Hey Doritos, After some controversial events on our discord this week, we have began a new era. We started off the new era with a U-LEAD, where many members had amazingly funny word tactics. I can assure you that this will be the best era in DCP history.

Max: 100

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