[NEW!] Blaze Recruiting Division

Hey Doritos!

The Doritos administration is proud to present the new implementation to our server, the Blaze Recruiting Division! This division is compromised to help the army and it is dedicated to incentivize growth and participation within the members.

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[US] Member/Mod U-Lead – Results!

Hey Doritos!

We logged onto CPRewritten for a fun U-Lead event! We had some fun tactics provided by the whole army and created some fun formations. We definitely had a blast!

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[UK/US] Pizza Rewind – Results!

Yoo Doritos!

Today we logged onto Abominable, CPRewritten for our Pizza Rewind event! We waddled all over the island serving pizza slices and made some fun formations! Thank you to our Leaders and HCOM for leading this event!

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[UK] Invasion of Mammoth – Results!

Yo Doritos!

Today we logged onto Ascent, CPRewritten for our invasion of Mammoth against the Army of Club Penguin! Despite the verdict, we managed to have a blast with making fun formations and chanting tactics!

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A Collection of DCP Memories

Everyday in our army memories are made that will remain with us. We all have so many memories of our own, things that make us happy when we look back on, and that remind us of all the good times with friends. So what are some of our members favorite memories of their time in the Doritos?

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[UK] End of Flash Event [RESULTS]

Wassup Doritos!

Earlier this week, we logged onto White House – CPArmies for one last time to bid farewell to Flash. This was also a surprise U-Lead event by our lovely members and staff! We managed to max 48 troops!

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[UK] Community Christmas Ball [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Earlier today, we logged onto Bunny Hill – CPArmies for yet again another Christmas ball, hosted by our lovely allies, the Army of Club Penguin! We gathered around for Christmas Eve day and had quite a blast. After doing some tactics, battling, and partying with other armies, we managed to max 40+ troops!

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[UK] Doritos Winterball 2020 [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Earlier today, we logged for our annual 2020 Doritos Winterball! This event was a huge blast filled with laughter and joy. We started off with some opening tactics and ended it off with fun categories for everyone to participate in! We managed to pull a max of 60 troops!

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A Rise from the Ashes ─ Inauguration of a New DCP

Addressed to the Doritos Nation,

Hello, DCP. As you’re all fully aware, the Doritos of Club Penguin (DCP) have not seen the best of days. The army has had a lot of troops defect, arguments have become the norm, maximum event sizes have declined, and overall the Doritos have loss much of its former value.

I’ve decided to retire because lately Doritos hasn’t been it’s best. Our maxes have gone down, chat’s dead often and it’s just not for me. ─ Africa in July

That is not what I want to see in this army. We’ve went from the strongest power in CPOAL, to a shell of our former legacy. This ends today. Continue reading

The Dark Side of the Force

Hey Doritos gang!

Today has been a fun day. We’ve crushed the Helpless Force once again. This time they dispatched their underpaid, newbie moderators to fight us.

Even the DCP site pulls in more revenue per year.

We always saw this war as just that; a war. Nothing more, nothing less. However, these powerless moderators took it into their own hands to try and destroy the balance of the war. Instead of a fun war, they decided to pull an Oagalthorp and tried to report us to actual CPRewritten moderation.

Want proof? Click on this image and go to 6:04 / 7:35

We planned on giving Help Force mercy. However, this inhumanity cannot be allowed. This will only lead to other armies being censored by CPRewritten (something that is currently happening as we speak.) Do you want to really be a ‘Help Force’ and help armies in general, or have us banished and help only yourselves? Selfish force!

Do not say DCP are the crybabies when you rely on reporting to win your battles. You are crybabies over the fact you cannot defeat DCP outside of a tournament.

To CPAM, to the community, even to Tistle: If we are going to let this slide, then armies will cease to exist for good after June.

Help Force isn’t the real help group, WE ARE!