Legends In Review


Evident by the title myself and other legends will be reviewing the current legends. While this may come at some controversy please understand that our decisions come at the lack of documentation, hearsay, recent actions or deserved commendations.

Let it be known i do not believe in removing any ones accomplishments, but i do believe in assigning credit where credit is due. Earlier CPAH attempted to remove my accomplishments in CPA which they couldn’t anyway but it was unwarranted solely due to the fact some people did not like me. Ahem, Funks. Unlike DCP, everything on CPAC is very well documented which gives CPAC the right to cement the past permanently.

 The way DCP runs it’s legend status is alot different to how the community does it, once you are voted in legend you must uphold its honor and never turning your back on your brothers.

Today I am signing an order that bars anyone from receiving the army’s highest award if they were never in DCP or were in DCP for a very short period of time. The best they can receive is honorary shield.


Demotions to Honorary Shield/HOS/Removal:

Freezypink – Shield

Lack of documentation, no outstanding accomplishment that had impacted the army

Cul – Shield

While everyone that was around that has ever worked with cul can’t deny he helped this army a lot but! its as simple as messing up once to be demoted. Like Csy, he had committed treason. Accusing DCP of multilogging which ended up to be false anyway. DCP had a bad image after it and greatly affected the army. Due to his many accomplishments it prevents him from being in the hall of shame right now.

Badboy – Removal From HOS

Badboy is a special case in that he has done so much good and so much wrong that it levels out which is why he is just simply being removed from hos and will not be added to any award board.

Thumbee – Removal

Lack of documentation, no outstanding accomplishment that had impacted the army. Hired for clout

Flipmoo & Mchappy – Removal

Never joined DCP/Short Period of time. Refer to third paragraph.


Promotions to Legend/Honorary Shield:

Trader: Legend

I will be the first to say extremely long overdue, on par with the likes of many of us. Trader never failed to keep up morale, a great friend but even better troop and eventually would become leader instrumental to DCP’s biggest wars. Trader was there during the highs and lows of DCP. 


Signed ~ Jester

CPA Central Legend 

DCP Legend

UMA Legend

Chaos H.O.F                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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