[NEW!] Blaze Recruiting Division

Hey Doritos!

The Doritos administration is proud to present the new implementation to our server, the Blaze Recruiting Division! This division is compromised to help the army and it is dedicated to incentivize growth and participation within the members.

What is the Blaze Recruiting Division?

The BRD is made up of inviting new members to enlist in our server and grow our community. Whether it be finding new people from Discord, Club Penguin or other social media platforms, networking our server is what makes our family grow stronger. You can too be a part of this contribution and make a name for yourself in the legendary Doritos army. 

Why should you join the Blaze Recruiting Division?

By joining, not only enlisting in the Blaze Recruiting Division can make a name for yourself, you can also benefit from perks such as:

  • Exclusive Blaze Role
  • Chance to become Troop of the Week and be recognized for your work
  • Enable new friendships and keeping our community active
  • Earn Doritos chips to buy from our chips shop
  • Learn new recruiting techniques and networking
  • Letting members have fun and feel welcomed in our community

Partnerships and Partner Management

If recruiting is not your strong suit, but like reaching out to other communities about our server, being a partner or partner manager might be a more suitable position for you! When you become a partner manager, you have the duty to:

  • Reach out to other servers asking for partnerships
  • Posting our ads in their servers while we do the same in return
  • Manage multiple partnerships weekly
  • Making others aware of our server
  • Create networking and reaching out to new communities

If you’re interested in enlisting in the Blaze Recruiting Division, DM a Staff or HCOM member to get you started!

When being a partner manager, this allows for potential recruits to join our community and have some fun with us! Take a chance to join Blaze and make a name for yourself. Shoutout to our Fourth in Command, Yeti, for assisting in this fun project! Fear the shield.


Doritos Main Leader and Legend


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