Look How The Tables Have Turned

The Army of Club Penguin has wholeheartedly decided to fire back with another farcical post, indicating that we are the bad guys in this entire war situation. However, have they taken a chance to look back on what they’ve done?

The Army of Club Penguin have always painted themselves as the goody two shoes army and believe what they stand up for is always right. However, that’s not always the case considering the reasonings they advocated to declare war on us, their own brother allies. We will not tolerate this injustice any longer.

The DCP have attempted to simplify our reason of declaration to dislike of what “former members of the DCP” had said; for something the Doritos team “could not control”.

Like we mentioned the last 39393930302 times, it’s true that everything our former members of the DCP do everything on their own accord. However, CSY is unable to comprehend this simple fact. CSY apparently thinks that the Doritos leadership has a chip installed on all DCP former troops, legends and veterans brains and we control what they say or do, unfortunately that is wrong. After clear communication to Max who by the away is now a Leader in Training (congrats Max, you deserve leader hopefully you don’t have to wait another 2 years), our “brother” allies turned their backs on us.

The DCP our Higher Command have had to beg to ban Pain, to later be unbanned and re-banned due to a “misunderstanding”. The ACP had to ask for their blatant anti ACP sentiments in their discord chat to be removed.

“Beg” you say? We banned Lord Pain as soon as it was brought to our attention by the ACP HCOM. Even ignoring his DMs to be unbanned for the war because we genuinely consider our allies feelings and disagree with Lord Pain’s opinions on you guys. The anti-ACP remarks made on our general chat was deleted and cleared on our own accord as soon as we were aware what was being said in chat.

Or perhaps, the apology was a mere facade in an attempt to save a sinking friendship? Perhaps the Doritos are not truly sorry for their actions?

At the Doritos of Club Penguin, we always stood up for what was right and we continue to do so to present day. That apology post would have not been published if we were not sincere about our apology. We understood your perspective since day one, it is not right to have a post on our website talking bad about our brother allies. However, it is equally as bad for our “brother” allies to declare war on us even after we clearly communicated we were working on taking down the post. Perhaps this war you declared on us was a cover up for the tragedy that happened to Freddy? Or is it the fact you guys are unable to understand the misconception that started this whole scenario?

Let’s talk about the Doritos’ attempt to paint themselves as the victim in a situation that could have well been avoided if they had decided to stand up for their friends, like we have countless times them – taking flack from all walks of the community when welcoming their members into our ranks despite their shaky past; multiple staff and higher command members helping the Doritos in their events since their return to show support for their allies.

Perhaps the ACP forgot about the contributions DCP staff has done for ACP in our periods of closures? The Doritos staff spent hours recruiting and sacrificed their lives on the battlefield for you and this is how you repay us? This situation would have been avoided if you guys chosen to communicate properly on your part and understand we were taking the initiative to do everything we could to support our brother allies during that scenario.

The implication is obvious – the Doritos are getting ready to butt **** us on Tuesday in their invasion. Really, rape?

Assuming rape is not a joke. It was fully consented by new Leader in Training, Cubster. Infact from this screenshot, it seems that he was enjoying it more than anything.

Robot immediately DM’ed DCP leadership about the situation, but we did not get so much as an apology.

Regarding the actual troop stealing that did occur, we investigated ASAP and found out our trial staff was having trouble recruiting and decided to turn to troop stealing to gain new members. We do hold ourselves accountable and ensure to making it clear to them that troop stealing is prohibited beforehand next time.

Serious Note: Earlier today, ACP and DCP HCOM were having playful banter in the CPAH discord. However, it resulted in one of our leaders making an inappropriate comment towards one of ACP’s troops about her autism. She quickly realized that she was in the wrong for attempting to make a joke about a situation like this and did apologize in the DM’s of the ACP troop instantly. CPA banter should never go this far and we do not condone this type of behavior.

CSY and the rest of ACP, get ready for the wrath of the Doritos Empire. You have bullied us, killed Freddy and have even went further to steal OUR propaganda, recolor it and post is as your own. We’ll see you on the battlefield.

The Doritos of Club Penguin will continue to fight for what’s right, even if we stand alone. Fear the shield!


Doritos Leadership and Administration

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