The Truth About ACP

Good Evening Doritos, (NSFW)

While Bam was in Paris i was doing secretive military operations jerusalem and i didn’t care to report my findings until now because this is no coincidence an ACP war breaks out as soon as i… i’ve already said too much but it would be no use to the world if i didn’t keep going. Let me back-track a little bit to the past. Bam met an extraordinary soldier while he was serving with ACP as leader named Camnewton74 (see below).

The panel of guardians and Mchappy especially always used to criticize Camnewton74 as being a genetically modified soldier but everyone knew they we’re just jealous of how fast he was climbing up the ranks, he did what he was told with no questions asked. During the ausia rebellion everyone had thought he perished.. but no. Awaken in a cold sweat what looked like to him inside of a body bag he tore it open and rehabilitated and got back to work. (see below)

Again the GOD of war cheats death but to be never seen again? why?

Now why do i bring camnewton up? Well buckle up buckaroo… i always knew camnewtons sudden disappearance after he had risked his life for acp numerous times over was suspicious. I for one denied he succumbed to his wounds on that day in Breeze. But i had no proof he was alive until i hunted camnewton74 down in jerusalem where he…was fighting on the other side of what he believed in? Here is my interview with the man himself:

Jester: Good Morning cam, its nice to see you again.

Camnewton74: i’ve been fighting alongside the Palestinians for years now. I don’t have much time before the israeli army of cp strike our tower, listen.. Mchappy and the panel of guardians all boarded a flight to St James Island

Jester: Isn’t that where Epsteins Estate is?

Camnewton74: Percisely. Not only that, ACP is a criminal organization.. Flipmoo does these weird microbiology experiments in his headquarters of Wuhan, China and calls them N+1, N+2, N+3 and N19. He has weird fantasies about george washington also.

Jester: So ACP is behind Covid-19 and responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths?

Camnewton74: Does a bear crap in the woods? and does the pope crap on the broken dreams of 200 deaf boys? OF COURSE YOU IDIOT.

Jester: My god… is there anything else???

Camnewton: Something with the Biden Campaign and Voter Frau- WTF WAS THAT???

Unfortunately the interview had to be cut short before the worst eventually would happen

Why do the Army of Cp hate Palestinians so much?

We will never know. Luckily after our building had been rocketed by the international terrorist organization (ACP) i had managed to escape.. But on May 12th, 2021 i regret to inform the army world that our beloved hero Camnewton74 did not survive the blast and we MUST fight this war in his honor for he was doing the same.

As i still continue to struggle and grieve over his death i still find solace in the fact that there are hard men willing to fight for what is right and that my comrades is against the ACP.



CP Army Legend, DCP, Chaos & UMA Legend


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