Just got back from Paris

Hey Doritos I was in Paris the other day and ran into some ACP slave who was begging armies to destroy them and hate them. The lad was trying to handout pamphlets about their Lord and Savior CSY, lmao naturally i smacked it on the ground and told him “DCP made CSY, and Bams Boys went to Paris in late 2011”. He was literally speechless and started murmuring something about telling their mom mchappy or something lmao.

Live Photo of my ACP confrontation

In other news I’m still on the hunt for the ACP soldiers responsible for murdering my dog, Freddy was a good boy and its believed CSY’s henchmen (Koloway and Mondo) are responsible for the planning and execution of my glorious pupper. I will have my revenge after my boys and I tour Paris after this war is over.

This is how I found freddy two nights, completely skinned

Do not trust people like this DCP, CSY used to brag about stealing his neighbors pets and dropping them off at landfills. Being a 2 time ACP leader I’ve seen what its become – mostly sweatshops and coal mining at this point (ACP is using fossil fuels to run their discord, naturally we run on solar powered snowmachines in Alaska).


Thats all for now!


DCP Legend

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