Response to ACP

This is a message addressed to the Doritos of Club Penguin and to the Army of Club Penguin

Earlier today, the Army of Club Penguin, our brother allies, made their decision to declare war on us for actions done by our legends and veterans. We completely understand why ACP would be mad at us and hopefully, this post can clear up what led up to this moment.

A few days ago, Lord Pain, a person who has been arguing about killing ACP in numerous servers for hours for the past few days, hopped onto the Doritos server general chat to express his distaste and throwed threats at ACP like he previously has in other servers. Members who are NOT currently enlisted in DCP and DCP legends and veterans joined in on the train and plastered anti-ACP all over our main chat, along with comparing ACP to the terrorism occurring in the Middle East.

After analyzing the situation and reading the preposterous comments Lord Pain made on the DCP main chat, we took the action of banning him from our server as we did not agree with what was said and wanted the comments about ACP to stop. Moments later, Funky hopped online and unbanned Lord Pain, not knowing the whole situation and believing Lord Pain would keep his comments about ACP to himself, unaware that he made threats towards ACP. Lord Pain was then banned again and has not been unbanned since. We also took further actions into muting our veterans and others who were “hyping” Lord Pain up and joining him on his opinions about ACP.

A post was later published on the website by a Doritos Legend, Jester. Even though we can’t thank Jester enough for his contributions in OG CPA, we want him to know his time dedicated to this army will never be forgotten. However, we would like to make it known to the community that what our legends and veterans do are on their own accord. The current Doritos Leadership and staff team does not represent the views or are influenced by legends or veterans in decision making. We informed Max, who asked about the post, that we were doing our best to take it down and that we are trying our hardest to sort it. However, the ACP did decide to declare war on us after waiting 2 days. 32 reached out to message ACP but his DMs were ignored. Even myself, reached out to CSY that same day to talk about the situation but he went to sleep and we couldn’t discuss about sorting out the tensions between ACP and DCP legends. (Yes, I should have followed up and messaged him again however we were trying our best to sort out our veterans and legends although it was taking longer than it needed to)

At the end of the day, we are with our brother allies. We have been with our allies since day one. Our relationship with the people of ACP, we believe, is very strong. Many of the former staff team even enlisted in ACP and contributed hours of their time for ACP during March Madness. We want to issue a formal apology to members who were hurt and disappointed for not taking the necessary action needed fast enough. Like we said before, we do understand why the Army of Club Penguin is upset at us for not taking faster action against these incidents sooner. However, this miscommunication, we believe is just a small bump and hopefully our brotherhood remains strong.


DCP Leaders


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