Eviscerating the Clover Pt. II

The Army of CP declared war on us – after supposedly being our brother allies…

What was their reasoning? They declared war on us due to people who were in DCP years and years ago not approving of their administration. Whatever the case is, what former members of the DCP did had nothing to do with the current DCP leadership. In fact, the current DCP leadership supported ACP endlessly even after they’ve backed out of pacts made with the DCP. This is betrayal. Simply declaring war on us for something that the Doritos Leadership or staff team could not control. This is an attempt of the ACP to literally have ultimate full control and dictatorship over the Doritos, which would never happen. We will not stand for this ACP.

We’re done being the nice guys. We went as far as to encourage troops to go and join ACP during periods of closures, including recently during the March Madness tournament where ACP had full support of DCP’s former staff team. We even went further to help ACP, so much so, that we took away the essence of the DCP Family who would stay together through thick and thin. They have been a massive disservice to the Doritos Empire. We will no longer tolerate ACP. Their attempts to bully the DCP will be answered with the full wrath of the Doritos Empire.

This is how we all were repaid. We gave the ACP hours and hours of our time on recruiting and attending their events, but we were only repaid by the ACP trying to not only manipulate, but take advantage of OUR army. They want to control US! You must fight for your liberty, for your freedom. You must now fight to be an army!

DEFCON 1 – In recent days we have been betrayed by our so called “Brothers”. Cowardly move most would say, and as a result the Doritos Empire hereby enters war. Harsh repercussions are coming to those who challenge us. The Doritos war machine has awakened. The flame has been lit, and the Doritos will march together to liberate ourselves of all the snakes in the grass. We will annihilate all opponents who wish to ruin the army that we all call home, the greatest army to ever exist – and together we will continue to prove so. Today, we embark on a long journey, and if you aren’t apart of it – at least you get to witness! We fight to defeat those that want to bring us down.

DCP bows to none. We aren’t “the good guys” yet we aren’t the bad guys. We opened this generation just to have some fun. Our goal is merely to enable people to make friends and have fun. These guys come along with their power moves. So prideful, huh ACP? Your manipulating ways end here. The Doritos have been known to shock the entire community and this will just be another act of such.

This is unprecedented. We have all of the legendary figures throughout the incredible history of our army all riled up at once. You may not know the potential of the legends of this army, but as someone who has consistently led this army longer than anyone else – for about 10 years; I know that the accomplishments of a single signature of this post outweighs everything ACP has ever accomplished. They thought they could take advantage of the new leaders. Instead… The ACP will be utterly and completely annihilated in this war. We won’t take this lightly.

The Doritos have just returned newly recreated and thus ACP takes this as their opportunity to once again bully an army while they’re down and out. DCP leaders told them endlessly that what former members of DCP said did not reflect at all what the actual DCP leaders wanted. Don’t let them fool you. A prime example of their blatant attempt to bully DCP around is how they fail to acknowledge all of the things RPF says about the ACP but somehow suddenly find it incredibly in their pride to fight against what people who were in DCP years ago had to say about ACP.

They make it a point to specifically bully smaller armies. That ends here. We will be the ones to put ACP in their place and end their baseless bullying of smaller armies and their attempts to control people as they did with SWAT, WV, Templars, ect. We can see that it is not courage that compelled the ACP. It’s fear. Now they shall fear the shield. As for the innocent people in the ACP – if I were you, it’s not too late to join the power of the shield. Join an army who won’t backstab their friends and break friendships and relationships just to get an advantage. ACP, you thought you would be slick and have an easy war by declaring on the Doritos, but unfortunately, you are incorrect.

Doritos, your time is now. I call upon everyone who loves the Doritos. We will come together and fight together for what is ours. Together, we cannot be stopped, because this is more than just an army. This is the Doritos legacy, the torch has been passed on to YOU to keep this going! You must fight and fight hard, because these guys want to kick you while you’re down.

Fear the Shield


DCP Legends & DCP Administration

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