Eviscerating The Clover

Good Evening DCP,

Unfortunately it has come to myself and other DCP legends’ attention that all good things must come to an end when you involve yourself with allies. It’s truly sad to see the Army of Cp’s decline into unwarranted hate and extremism toward one of our own, Bam117 whom was shunned by the Army Of Cp via false accusations. If the Army of Cp will not share the same respect as we have to our allied section of HoF then we will cease to recognize all of ACP’s contributions to this army. Which to be fair diminished after shunning us with our war with BIA by completely leaving us to die upon many other times where they never had our back like we had theirs through-out the years.


Now the culprit in question completely soiled DCP Legend’s relationship with ACP and that is Mchappy. We will however keep Flipmoo.


Now, If ACP is willing to unban Bam from ACP we would absolutely forget this ever happened but until then we will not tolerate maltreatment of our own.

Signed ~

π’Ώπ‘’π“ˆπ“‰π‘’π“‡ /// DCP, UMA, Chaos & CPA Legend

One Response

  1. we should free me too i wasn’t that skid that doxed everyone

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