The Crunch Times: Fourth Edition

Hello Doritos Gaming! Welcome to the fourth edition of The Crunch Times! After announcing our minecraft factions server and continuing with our gaming journey, we bring you a summary of this week’s activities, alongside mental health help, puzzles, art, and a brand new Troop of the Week!

After succesfully releasing their new minecraft factions server, Doritos gaming kept kicking off with wholesome fun games throughout the week! Doritos gaming started off the week on Monday with a Cards against humanity game on AUS times by Darci then Survey Says later on the same day hosted by Chandler. On Tuesday we played Among us Together hosted by Lucky! In the next day on Wednesday we played an amusing round of in the morning hosted by Smithy at Aus times then later on a funny game of Cards against Humanity hosted by Tia. On Thursday we had a fun Minecraft Hide and seek game hosted by Wassim. Towards the weekend Mehakk arranged a Guess the Song Voice chat night! Lastly on Saturday Rah arranged an enjoyable Survey says! It was for sure a fun busy week.

Troop of the Week is an esteemed title for the troops of Doritos of CP. Each week a new troop of the week is crowned, the chosen members are active and enthusiastic individuals that help make the server and, our community in general, a better and more fun place!

This week the Troop of the Week title goes to… Plexi#1684

Emotional abuse can lead to depression, isolation, drinking, doing drugs and a lot of stress. It has always been a big issue in people’s homes especially when the emotional abuse turns into physical abuse. We gathered some ways to identify and cope with emotional and physical abuse:

Here is a fun puzzle Minecraft theme to celebrate the release of our new factions server! 

left: :zap:爪ộㄒ 乇爪:zap:#0928 / middle: jebouski#4870 / right: minikui#5912

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits

Thank you all for tuning into this week’s “The Crunch Times”! We hope you enjoyed and look forward to a new week of Doritos Gaming fun!

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