Meet the Admins of DG: Leila

Being an admin in Doritos Gaming means that you have to show loyalty and hard work by being online everyday. It’s also your priority to help others by keeping them safe online. No one shows this better than our admin, Leila!

Leila made her entrance to Doritos Gaming back in May 2020, joining the server for a HCOM position due to her previous experience working as an admin. She contributed to making the server a safe place for everyone and helped set up a mentee workshop for those who needed it.

She has a huge heart for animals and showcasing kindness towards others. Leila is mostly known as someone you can go to whenever you need a hand. Despite her hatred for locals, she is always here for her family and never fails to make people laugh.

She is also famous for her spelling mistakes and babysitting wild locals. You can always catch her either playing Minecraft, VC-ing with her friends or watching fun Tiktoks.

The Doritos Reporting Team got to sit down with Leila and ask about her thoughts regarding being an admin amongst our server.

What is a typical day like for you in Doritos Gaming?

Well, I wake up and hop into chat to say good morning. I check up on everyone with a few locals saying some questionable things. I like to annoy my fellow staff team quite a bit of course as well. Can’t forget about the occasional ban or mute, you know. The day and the life of a Discord moderator!

What is the best thing you have experienced as an HCOM member?

Honestly there’s way too many “best things” I’ve experienced. I know it sounds cheesy, but honestly just all of the memories I’ve made with my fellow admins and such. The group chats are always a blast and it really gets a different view of each of the admins. All of our inside jokes are amazing as well.

What made you stick with DG as an army turned gaming server?

Well, I’m a few months short of being in DG for a whole year now, and as i’m sure my fellow staff can attest to, we’ve been through a lot in that year. there have been certain people in DG that I’ve told things I would never have thought I would. Those certain people have honestly become my family and I wouldn’t nor couldn’t leave them, at least for too long!

What do you expect for Doritos Gaming in the next year?

Honestly in the next year, I hope to just vibe. We have a lot planned especially things Minecraft related! I’m really excited to see this gaming server grow and grow! I can’t wait to experience it all with everyone.

As you can tell from above, Leila is an active member of Doritos Gaming who cares about everyone she comes across. She is a valued member of the server and we would be lost without her.




Head Admin

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