Minecraft Factions release!

Hello Doritos Gaming, today we will talk about our exciting Minecraft Factions server release that occured this past Saturday on January 30th. The opening night was successful, however, due to the large amount of players (about 50+), there was a substantial about lag.

We interviewed the leader of Doritos, 32op, to hear about his point of view and about the future of the Factions server.

How would you summarize the factions release day?

The factions release day was chaotic to say the least. It was an exciting day for many as we released our server, unfortunately our host couldn’t handle us and our server ended up not working. The following day after release, however, was amazing.

What are the plans regarding the future of this server?

Our plan is to complete this map in the upcoming weeks and release a new map with more features, less bugs and overall an amazing new server that all of us can enjoy and play on. During the 1 week gap between new maps, we’ll be using the server to host games throughout the week.

As we can see above, the original release of the server was incredibly laggy and slow, with chunks taking about 5 minutes to load individually. However, an extremely large number of people joined the server and were able to start creating factions, with Spartans, Mafia, Starbucks, Bloodmines, and BamsBoys becoming prominent instantly. Many people stayed in the server for a very long time, hoping for it to get better and to get a headstart, however, the host simply couldn’t handle the massive amount of players. Due to hard work from the admins, the server was back up and running later on that day, allowing the factions to start growing.

There is no faction server without some competitiveness. Right off the bat, there was a race for the corners, as the corner spots are incredibly valuable and useful. The Starbucks ended up becoming the first faction to claim a corner, with the Mafia and the Spartans coming soon after. Smithy, the then leader of Starbucks, was the first to purchase a rank, showing off his King Rank and quickly making Starbucks a deadly force. Meanwhile, the Spartans, which was a faction not many knew about prior to the opening of the server, quickly took the number one spot on the Faction Top leaderboard.

Here are some pics of the faction server:

The economy of the server in question is based off of the amount of spawners a given faction has. Because of this, the goal of each faction is to get enough money to buy as many spawners as possible. The Spartans were the first to place and start farming spawners, as Starbucks messed up on their base and the Mafia had next to 0 resources. No other factions were big at this time (other than Swoop, which still was not exactly a threatening faction, however is slowly becoming so now), and so the Spartans were quickly capable of securing a strong lead. Soon after, the Starbucks and The Mafia merged together, as both were struggling and the two combined could be a deadly force. Meanwhile, Oligarchy and BamsBoys, which are the admin and moderator factions, began to grow. After this, raids began to occur and glitches were found and, in general, the server began to grow and factions started getting powerful. In conclusion, the Factions release was originally extremely laggy, but with the help of 32op and the admins, the server began growing.

Below we can see the current rankings:

  1. Spartans – $4,233,340 – Led by Andtarski
  2. Cartel – $2,057,124 – Led by 32op
  3. Swoop – $1,538,176 – Led by ActuallySilver
  4. Mafia – $1,251,096 – Led by Massive_Penguin
  5. Monkies – $289,360 – Led by canadianX

To conclude, there is no doubt that the faction server was a huge succes, led into a lot of fun between the players and nights of building factions. We hope to see the continued growth of this server and wish the best of luck to all participating factions! Thank you all for reading, Doritos Gaming forever!

This post was written by:
Wassim23 – Doritos Gaming Admin
Nautilus – Doritos Gaming Jr Moderator


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