The Crunch Times: Third Edition

Hello Doritos! Welcome to the third edition of The Crunch Times! As we continue on our gaming journey, we bring you a fresh summary of last week’s activities, alongside a new Troop of the Week, mental health help, puzzles, art, and more!

Doritos Gaming continued their new era with a full and busy week consisting of lots and lots of fun games. On Sunday/ Wassim began the week with a unique virtual bingo game night. The following day, a troop hosted an Ausia game, afterwards on the same day we played together which was hosted by Lucky. On Tuesday Rah arranged an enjoyable Uno game at ausia time, Tia hosted a funny night later that day as well. To proceed with the week , we had an unschedueled Among us game and a Roblox game planned by Brianna both at Ausia and UK times. On the same night we played Cards Against Humanity that was organized by Wassim. Then on Thursday, Heloon hosted an interesting Survey Says night. Towards the end of the week, on Friday, we played at Ausia times and during US/UK times, Jazmine hosted an among us game. Saturday, we had a Kahoot game and a Song Trivia Game both Hosted by Cassie! There’s no doubt this week was full of activity and games.

Troop of the Week is an esteemed title for the troops of Doritos of CP. Each week a new troop of the week is crowned, the chosen members are active and enthusiastic individuals that help make the server and, our community in general, a better and more fun place!

This week the Troop of the Week title goes to… vStepBroChris#6354

Warning this weeks topic is a sensitive one!

One in every 10 Americans over the age of 12 is a drug addict meaning you will probably know someone in your family with a drug problem. Here are ways to cope with what they are going through and how to help yourself as well.


This week’s puzzle is a slightly challenging Sudoku!!! Can you figure this one out?

Thank you all for reading this week’s Crunch Times! This newspaper was written by Wassim, Mehak, Chandler, Fish, and Cassie! The wonderful graphics were done by Haley.


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  1. I miss you guys so much 😥 If you see this, please tell Cassie I’m very sorry.

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