The Crunch Times: New Beginnings

Hello all! Welcome to the second edition of The Crunch Times! We’ll be talking about the new gaming adventure that occurred this week alongside more mental health tips, puzzles, art work, and we’ll be crowning a new Troop of the Week!

To start our first week as a gaming server, the staff hosted quite a lot of new and amusing games and had an incredible week of fun! To begin the week, Hiu held an entertaining UNO game night. The following day, we played Cards against Humanity that was hosted by Rah! On Tuesday, Kelly threw an exciting Roblox night where we logged on and played together. Afterwards, on Wednesday we took part in a fun Survey Says game arranged by Nautilus. To proceed with the week Cassie hosted an enjoyable game. Toward the end of the week, Wassim provided us a fun casual Among us game. Last but not least, Cassie hosted an astonishing Minecraft building contest in which we saw amazing buildings made by our troops. Another week, another success to Doritos gaming. All participants earned chips for their participation!

Troop of the Week is an esteemed title for the troops of Doritos Gaming. Each week, a new Troop of the Week is crowned. The chosen members are active and enthusiastic individuals that help make our server and community a better and more fun place!
This week, the Troop of the Week title goes to… NATSTHESTRUMPET#6415

Here is a fun game themed puzzle to celebrate the transition to a gaming server!

Just remember things may get hard in life, but not as hard as a creeper blowing up your new home

Thank you all for tuning into this week’s “The Crunch Times”! We hope you enjoyed and look forward to a new week of Doritos Gaming fun!


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