Minecraft server

Hey Doritos! Today we will talk about our renewed Minecraft server that will come out real soon. Some of our great staff have worked hard and came up with creative statues and buildings that make the town look great.

Our Minecraft server was a huge success in the past and we are hoping it will be the same now. We are looking forward to hosting many games and to connect and have fun with our troops.

I got to interview a couple of staff members who helped get the town ready to play as well! Let’s see what their opinion is on getting the town ready and playing with friends:

“It was pretty awesome! Despite being a Minecraft noob, I enjoyed building cool buildings and being able to bond with people I consider family. I surely hope the public will enjoy the town just as much as we do when they enter the server. Overall, it was quite a fun experience!” – Rah

“oh it’s been so much fun so far!! it brings back a lot of nostalgia of when we used to play a few months ago. lots of memories have already gone into building the new town and i cant wait for the rest we are about to make! any time with my dcp friends is always a good time!!” – Leila

“It’s been loads of fun as well as a great bonding experience with the other staff who’ve been helping set up the town.” – Cassie

I personally had a great time getting the town ready, laughing and gaining experiences with friends. I look forward to see what the town is going to become and what amazing houses and building we will have.

We are happy to announce that the Doritos Minecraft server is NOW OPEN for everyone and you can find the ip in our discord server. We can’t wait to play with you and host fun games. I would like to thank our staff for working hard on the design, and THANK YOU for reading! See you in the server.

Second in Command


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