DCP as a Dating Server

Hello Doritos! In today’s post we will be talking about a topic slightly different from the one in the previous post. Something that some people may find funny, however others may find this topic quite boring or even disturbing for themselves to read about but feel free to stay and read it until the end for some laughter if you want to!

I am sure you all have already seen loads of people dating in our server, both in direct and indirect ways. Some of them may seem like they’re just joking around and pretending to love them. On the other hand, others may apparent to be truly in love with their ‘partner’, by flirting with them or even directly saying and admitting they love each other. In addition to that, they may even have a whole conversation in general just to keep the chat alive. Some of us generally find their conversations interesting in some way, so we decide to join and not only ‘make fun’ of them but talk to each other as well!

But how did this happen? That’s what we’re going to discuss here today!

Let’s start off by asking 3 of the ‘couples’ who are actually dating:

Poke and Rex

He’s just amazing. When my ex broke up with me, Rex was there for me. He’s always been so sweet and just amazing. I’ve always loved chatting with him. He’s reliable, funny, nice, and is just someone who will listen and help anyway he can. He’s also one of the most stubborn people I’ve met which is sometimes good and helps me get done what I need to lol. he’s just a great guy.

It seems like their relationship is working out and it sounds like something successful as well!

Wassim and Shira

Honestly, Shira and I started dating pretty randomly. We had some good laughs about us being a couple in general, and i remember we used to play among us a lot and talk together. One day, when we laughed about us being a couple in general, she dmd me “what is this about?” Jokingly not understanding why i laughed about us being a couple. I simply told her i was joking, and then i asked her if she wants it to be serious and she asked “do you?” and I answered yes. That’s how we started dating. Talking to Shira daily or just seeing her snaps makes me smile, it’s amazing how you can connect to a person online without even meeting him. We always talk about how much school sucks, about what are we doing in the day or just about basketball. I have a lot of fun and laughter talking to her. I think she is an amazing person i got lucky to meet, she is sweet kind funny and def beautiful

A picture of them together before CP Armies shut down.

That shows how quick and random relationships can form in this active server we have!

Lastly, we have some mock relationships, in which they sometimes pretend to be teasing each other, however we all find that funny. Below are some examples of a few of those type of relationships:

Aaron and Leila

Heloon and Shira

No comment!

Overall, I interviewed 5 different people for today’s post! Please keep in mind that those aren’t meant to offend anyone. We had their permission to post the screenshots and they are just meant to be for fun! Doritos have been known for the amount of couples that come from the server, we hope you enjoyed this light-hearted post about the couples in the server!

Second in Command


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  1. Sad to look back on this, knowing Rex and I broke up. It sucks. I´m glad he´s happy though.

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