To 10000

Hey Doritos!

Today, we reached the milestone of having 10,000 people in the Doritos Discord. Honestly, the way we did this is incredibly astonishing. We came back in November with a Discord of just 4,500 people. Only a little over 2 months later, we welcomed 5,500+ people into our family. Truly unprecedented. You guys are amazing, together we’re growing more and more each day. Seeing people make lifelong friends here is what keeps this army/community going. Here’s a lookback at these past few months!

November 8th, DCP Return

November 14th, AUSIA Practice Battle vs ACP

November 16th, Practice Battle vs SWAT

November 26th, Practice Battle vs Water Vikings

November 29th, Christmas Chaos Round 1 vs Red Ravagers

Decemeber 5th, Christmas Chaos Round 2 vs Dark Warriors

Decemeber 7th, Dinamita Training

Decemeber 13th, Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals vs Ice Warriors 

Decemeber 20th, Christmas Ball

Let’s continue to grow our great community and continue to strive for greatness. This family can never be broken apart. Family Forever. Thank you and here’s to another 10000!


Doritos Main Leader & Legend


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