The Crunch Times: Gaming Fun

Hello DCP readers! The first edition (this one) of The Crunch Times is now complete! Each week a newspaper just like this will come out. This newspaper will feature several exciting things to wrap up the week, such as; event recaps, puzzle, and Troop of the Week announcements! Keep up with Doritos Gaming through this newspaper.

In the first week of the new year, we saw plenty of games hosted by our staff team! Alongside, the search for the ideal Club Penguin private server, our staff, and high command implemented new games for members to play. The week started with a fun hosted by Cassie. The following day, Cupcake held an enjoyable Kahoot evening with questions related to the army! Afterward on Wednesday, Nautilus and Fish organized a real entertaining Among Us tournament. On Thursday, Wassim arranged a very exciting game of Cards Against Humanity, in which we logged chatted on VC and had some good laughs. The next day, Mehakk hosted a Wisecracks night, where we spoke on VC and had a pleasant night. To finish off the week, Cassie hosted an amusing Broken picture phone night. This week was nothing less than a huge success! The DCP staff will keep hosting fun and new games further on, so make sure to check the #games-center channel daily to catch up!

Troop of the Week is an esteemed title for the troops of Doritos of CP. Each week a new troop of the week is crowned, the chosen members are active and enthusiastic individuals that help make the server and, our community in general, a better and more fun place!

This week the Troop of the Week title goes to… PANDOR#0652

School is hard, and it is especially hard during a worldwide pandemic. In oder to help all of you, here are some resources to help deal with the stress of online schooling from self care to being a better student


The puzzle for this week is a winter-themed word search! Try to find as many words as possible!

“Happy New Year! Don’t forget to make some resolutions you’ll never keep and put up a new wall calendar you’ll never look at.”

Thank you all for reading this week’s Crunch Times! This newspaper was written by Wassim, Mehak, Chandler, Fish, and Cassie! The wonderful graphics were done by Haley.


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