Meet the HCOM of DCP: Chandler

Being part of HCOM means that you have to be really active in some way. Whether it’s through helping other staff, lurking to make sure nothing goes wrong, or just talking, you have to be active in some way. No one shows this better than Chandler.

Chandler joined the Doritos in late February of 2020 and he has been loyal ever since. He is third in command for DCP, which is the first HCOM position. His first ever Doritos event was on March 1st.

Chandler is known for 2 things; his use of bots and not sleeping. When you look in the server, he’s mostly in #commands messing around. He also stays up very late, as shown here.

I stayed up late and Chandler was there.

The Doritos Reporting Team was able to get an interview with Chandler.

So your position is 3ic. What’s your main role in hcom as it?

I mean I moderate the chats mainly, but being a 3ic I am able to handle situations if they get out of hand. I feel good that I have that power[banning], but I know not to kick or ban unless stuff gets wayyyyy out of hand

Why have you been in dcp for so long?

Just the way that DCP never gets old. You can join the general chat, and there will always be people to talk to, games to play, and memories to make

Do you have a favorite memory?

I have 3 actually: Becoming staff in late May Getting TOTW at the beginning of September And maxing 111 in the CCX Semis. And no I can’t choose a favorite

What do you have to say to people wanting to become hcom?

It is definitely possible and can happen, but you just have to be active, stay on top of your staff duties, and know a thing or two when it comes to recruiting

Chandler is an active member of the DCP community, with good humor. He likes playing around with discord bots, so you might find him in the commands channel most of the time, or he’ll be hanging out in chat with everyone else. He’s also good at video games, with his highest score in Flappy 2048 (a hard game) being 138.

Doritos Head General


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