Meet the HCOM of DCP: Candy

Among our HCOM, there has not been a more vigilant and attentive onlooker and worker than Candy. Her hard work has never gone unnoticed, and it unquestionably goes without saying that she is loyal and committed.

Candy’s army journey started in April 2020 in Doritos, staying loyal ever since. She also was a leader of Animal Kingdom alongside Leila, Aisha, and Marie, and was also a Leader In Training in Golden Troops while we were shut down.

Candy is famous for her spelling mistakes and even more famous for her tendency to never sleep. But when she isn’t online, making spelling mistakes, looking closely at chat, or vc-ing with friends, you could depend on it that she’s reading and obsessing over Harry Potter and musicals, having the time of her life.

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The Doritos Reporting Team got to get an exclusive interview with a remarkable member of Doritos High Command, Candy.

What’s a typical day like for you at DCP?

Just chilling with friends and keeping chat active and hype. Moderating where necessary but mainly just laughing and having fun.

This past year has definitely impacted the community, what would you say it has done for you personally?

I understand the difficulties many people have had over the last year but for me personally, I wouldn’t want to change it. If it wasn’t for everything that happened with Covid I wouldn’t have been in quarantine and therefore would never have played Club Penguin and joined an army. It’s really been a year that I’m grateful for. I love this community despite all its drama and can’t imagine where I’d be without everyone here. I’ve really grown as a person and came out a happier more positive person and I can honestly say that’s because of DCP and the close relationships I’ve got with people there.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. What was your favorite moment of DCP last year and why?

I always loved the vcs. They’re always so fun but in particular, there was one night with all the girls in vc and we were crazy. We actually ended up getting mature vc locked for the night 🤣

Never a dull moment with you in 2020, so what can we expect from you in the coming year?

Probably more of the same. I don’t have any reason to change. Going to keep working hard and having fun with my DCP family.

Candy is a person with many skills in her arsenal, showing that she could keep a keen eye in chat, have fun in vc, and obsess over Harry Potter all at the same time. Make sure you say hi to her in chat, she is a kind and friendly soul!

Doritos Third-In-Command


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  1. love u candyyyy, its meh pandor

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