A Collection of DCP Memories

Everyday in our army memories are made that will remain with us. We all have so many memories of our own, things that make us happy when we look back on, and that remind us of all the good times with friends. So what are some of our members favorite memories of their time in the Doritos?

We’ve gathered favourite moments from a variety of people the the Doritos Family, with varying ranks and experience as well. Here are some of the statements that were gathered!

Heloon [Head General]

There’s soooo many omg cpo recruiting was fun, hide and seeks and staying up all night just chat in dcp is fun
idkk its so hard to choose ahahah

This sums up a lot of our feelings, having so many good times that we can’t decide on one favorite.

Fish [Major General]

I think my favorite memory is joining and making friends with all the great people i did. I have been in dcp for probably over a year and a half at this point (i think) and it is kind of cool seeing some of these kids grow up. It makes me happy that i can enjoy talking to everyone no matter where they are from and idk its just cool to think about

My friends are definitely what makes being in dcp so fun for me, and knowing that without the army I would never have met them is amazing. I definitely cannot imagine life without them now.

Siege/Blood [Retired Mod]

Honestly, it’s hard to remember all the battles I’ve been in, so I’d say going with Liv to the Winter Ball was my favorite.

Blood and Liv at the Winter Ball

All of our parties and balls are great events, all of the excitement leading up to them and the awards categories too.

Genie [Head Major]

Well i have on discord for a year now and I guess my fav memory is when we were high in the cpo rankings for 10 weeks straight

Some of our best memories will always be the feeling of pride we get at seeing the army thrive and achieve some great things.

Wizo [Visitor]

its the time where we all been talking together in the first server
me you heloon becky ghandi eve janouz katherina katie
others the vcs we used to do

Voice chats are amazing. Being able to actually talk to each other and laugh with each other gives a different feeling to messages, especially during the times we were in lockdown and had limited face to face contact, our friends were so important.

Aisha [Retired HCOM]


Aisha claiming she can spell

Aisha’s typos are hilarious and she knows it, but we love our spelling queen, even if we do bully her spelling (jokingly of course).

These are just a few of the memories I collected but we will all have our own individual, unique memories of our time in the Doritos that we’ll keep forever.


Third in Command


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  1. ayyy i miss DCP 😦 let’s hope flash turns on back

  2. I Love The Group

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