2020 Year End Award Results

Hi Doritos! It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for… the Year End Results!!! Though there was a bit of a delay, we still have a great round up of winners to present to you all. So without further adieu, here are your 2020 Year End Award Winners!

Best leader

[1st] 32op
[2nd] Rah
[3rd] Zire

Best LiT

[1st] Possum
[2nd] Cassie
[3rd] Leila

Best 2ic

[1st] Andreia
[2nd] Shirak
[3rd] Meekly

Best 3ic

[1st] Wassim
[2nd] Candy
[3rd] Chandler

Best Month

[1st] November
[2nd] March
[3rd] December

Biggest Win

[1st] Reaching a max of 111 troops (DCP vs. IW)
[2nd] DCP getting #2 on TT major Armies after drop to S/M TT list
[3rd] Winning March Madness Semi-Finals with a max of 150+

Biggest Fail

[1st] Losing to HF in legends cup x
[2nd] Losing to IW in ccx semi finals
[3rd] Ruined Gokhan stream

Most Active

[1st] Cassie and Shira
[2nd] Andreia
[3rd] Rah

Most Loyal

[1st] Andreia
[2nd] Possum
[3rd] Chandler

Most Funny

[1st] Aaron
[2nd] Caesar and Aisha
[3rd] Wassim and Intrinsic

Best Motto

[1st] Nacho cheese or kiss my white ass – Wwebestfan
[2nd] whip me like i’m santa’s raindeer – Caesar

Most Perverted

[1st] Wwebestfan and Rah
[2nd] Wassim
[3rd] Leila and Aaron

Thank you all for voting and congrats to the winners! Here’s to another year of greatness. Family forever!

Second in Command


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