This post is regarding the former CPAH CEO Pookie437 and his actions toward the Doritos Army.

Pookie437 decided to step down on December 17th as a Chief Executive Officer of the Club Penguin Army Hub Organization. This night was a bursting point as the concerns against Pookie built up. Many were upset about how he was handling situations like the legends board, how he was handling staff members, how he was biased forwards some leaders and the Doritos also planned to voice concerns about how the army was treated.

However, in the middle of all this, a former leader of our army doxxed him with no connection with the Doritos army whatsoever. 

From the screenshots above, you can see what happened in this situation. An individual was talking about Meer and how he is a “Doxxer” which led to a fight between them. Pookie got involved in this and added fuel to the fire by making Meer even more upset which ultimately led to his dox.

We wish doxxing on no one as many of our leaders have been doxxed and have had personal information released about them. However, Pookie claims that the Doritos Army was involved in this “dox” which wasn’t the case and that the founders of CPAH are protecting me because it was related to the “coup” of Pookie.

The former CEO claims this because some of our members including me were in a group chat with Meer while the dox was occurring. I can see why Pookie would think we’re associated with his dox, but I can’t stress this enough, Meerkat doxxed Pookie on his own accord and it has nothing to do with the Doritos Army or any of our members.

During the time Pookie got doxxed, I was busy doing other stuff and wasn’t aware of the situation fully until I confirmed it with Eden, after this, I removed everyone from the group chat. Later, I added others to the group chat and they themselves concluded there is no evidence that any DCP member was involved, it was simply a singular attack by Meer.

Going further into this, a few months ago I made a joke about doxxing in a friend group which I shouldn’t have. I truly apologize for this as it was a joke and you can clearly see that I was just trying to make people laugh.

As well as this screenshot being used out of context.

Here’s the full context of what I said.

As a person who has been doxxed and pizza bomb before, it is a very very scary thing and I wish it upon no one. 

We have already apologized to Pookie personally about what happened and have wished him the best of luck in life but were met with unprofessional responses or none at all. However, we do truly apologize to him and wish him the best of luck, the Doritos Army and Founders of CPAH are willing to offer any help he needs regarding this situation.


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