Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals vs Ice Warriors Results 2020

Hello Doritos Family

Today we logged on to face the Ice Warriors in the Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals. This was one of the biggest events DCP has ever had and it wasn’t at all a disappointing result. After coming back only under a month ago, we maxed an astonishing 110 people. We tied with the Ice Warriors in 2 rooms and lost one to them with little to none training for many of our troops. Absolutely amazing. This was a great way to end off our CPArmies era, thank you guys so much for attending.

Family Forever and Happy Holidays from the Doritos!

Doritos High-Command and Advisors

32op, Andreia, Bam117, Brooke, Caesar, Candy, Cassie, Coolbean, Chandler, Erika, Haley, Intrinsic, Jazmine, Jester, Mangoes, Maroon, Meerkat, Mehak, Possum, Rah, Rishron, Shira, Tymatt, Wassim, Wwebestfan, Zire

Doritos Staff & Members

Anajii, Bartjester, Bella, Blood, Bolik70, Brianna, Capuchaurio, Carrot Juice, Cupcake, Cupidityy, CWPGamer, Dani, Darism, Figgenz, Filip, Fiona, Fireblade, Frozy, Gabby, Garfield, Genie, Gutito, Heloon, Hiu12ike, Hoodrich, In.A.pickle, Jordan, Kelly, Klamity, lash, Leila, Liv, Looneyloser, Lucky, Mang, NatyCupcake, Nautilus, Notorious REX, Pandor, Pengmccool, Plexi, Poke, Prince, RannPossible, RayUwU, Sarahah, Severusvape, Silvar, Skyfull, Snilly, Stefy, Stro, TheBubble, Theodosia, UnknownRussia, Vex, Weeb, Yassin, Yayi2009, Yvette, Zirfedahs


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